What is the timing of deposit of SHOPIFY sales? Explain the payment cycle of each payment system!

by Takushi Matsuura

Do you know when the product will be settled when the product is sold in SHOPIFY? Do you know how long the product is sold and how long the payment is?

It is an important point that cannot be separated from EC site management.

Through this article, let's check carefully so that there is no misunderstanding, such as no payment on the expected day!

Shopify Payments

Shopify Payments Is a payment system operated by SHOPIFY and can be easily set from the store management screen.

The payment fee is also set low,Transaction / transfer fee is 0Therefore, it is used in many shopidy stores.

The timing of deposit of Shopify Payment is on the management screen

[Setting] → [Settlement] → SHOPIFY PAYMENTS can be set from [Manage] → [Payment].

Shopify Payments Admin
Shopify Payments Cycle Setting

You can set a payment (payment) schedule from this screen.
WeeklyIf you set, you can choose a weekday from Monday to Friday.
monthlyIf you set to, you can select between 1 days and 31 days.

Payment requires at least 5 business days from sales.

Example) If it is set every Friday
The payment of the order on Thursday is the next Friday

By the way, it is included in SHOPIFY PAYMENTS
Apple Pay」「Google Pay」「Shop PayIs also deposited together with SHOPIFY PAYMENTS.


Amazon Pay

Amazon PayIs a method that can be settled by using a registered card in an Amazon account.

Because the flow up to payment becomes very smooth,Improvement of withdrawal from carts and check -out ratesIs expected.

According to the default settings, the cycle to deposit is 14 days, but contact the support of Amazon Seller Center,Change cycle dayscan.

Short of one dayIf you want a payment immediately after the product is sold, we recommend that you introduce Amazon Pay to the store!


PayPal payments can also be used as Shopify payment methods.

PayPal deposits3 days in the shortestCan be set in,Bank transferAlso supports.


KOMOJU is often used as an EC site payment gateway.

There is no cost on a monthly basis, and the service is required only for use.

In Japan, it supports PayPay, Linepay, Paidy, etc., and supports payment methods that cannot be compensated by other services.

The deposit cycle can be selected on a monthly basis and weekly.

In the case of monthlyThe end of the month after the end of the month

In the case of weekly, payment from Saturday to Friday every Friday

It is.


What did you think.

As for the deposit cycle, select the one that suits your EC management style, and make sure that the perception has not shifted!

There are many other external payment services, so be sure to check the payment cycles and fees!

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