What is SHOPIFY app development? Possibility of developing apps with apps that can be built in SHOPIFY

by Chihiro Tsuda
I want to move my EC to SHOPIFY, but I gave up because I couldn't make the same function ...
I tried to make a store in SHOPIFY, so I want to work with my inventory management system ...
I tried to introduce an app at the SHOPIFY app store, but it's hard to use.

Have you ever had such a problem while thinking about building a store in SHOPIFY? In fact, this may be solved by developing your own app.

I think SHOPIFY is one of the features that you can easily add an app on any store with a plug -in.
SHOPIFY allows you to develop apps exclusively for your own store in addition to apps that can be installed in the app store.

In this article, it can be developed in SHOPIFYFour appsAmong them, I will talk about what you can do with the three app types and app development introduced in the actual store.

1. Public app

It is a publicly published app. The SHOPIFY app store has published apps that have passed the SHOPIFY screening in terms of security and functional, and can be installed as it is. It has a function that can be used in common in any store.

Shopify App Store

2. Custom app

It refers to an app developed exclusively for one store. The merchant can be introduced to your store by accessing the URL for installing the app. When you want to have a store's unique function, the app that is outsourced to a SHOPIFY partner and developed for your own store will also be this custom app.

Custom app

3. Private app

Refers to the app created on the store management screen. The merchant side uses API to access the store data on the store management screen. If you want to access the store data from your own system that has already been developed, this is the case of this private application, and you use keys issued when creating a private app on the store management screen.

I talked about the types of apps developed in SHOPIFY, but what can I do by actually developing apps?

Here, I would like to talk about the possibility of making the store more convenient through application development.

Private App
  • I want to make a combination of products in a unique way separately from the collection
For example, introducing other products on one product page or adapting discounts within a specific product group.Product APIYou can create your own product data on the developed application using product data on the store, and display it on the store side.

  • I want to work with the inventory management system, WMS, and POS systems that I have already used in -house
By accessing the store data using API, you can link it to your company's product data.
Also, in SHOPIFY, various things that occur on the storeeventThe data can be obtained in conjunction with the company's system when the product is purchased on the store or when a new product is added.

  • I want to add my own data to the customer or issue a unique privilege
Customer APIBy acquiring the customer data registered in the store, you can add your own data to the customer data on the developed application, or issue your own benefits using customer information.

In our companyI want to make a combination of products in a unique way separately from the collectionWe have developed an application that displays products from the same group at once on the product page.
In the store that sells used products, the same model, which has a different state and weight, can be displayed on the same product page, and the cost performance is the highest for the customer who came to search for the same model. You can find the product.

Search & co

This time, we have talked about the basic types of apps developed in SHOPIFY and the case that are expected to be introduced, but next time, it is effective for the development of the SHOPIFY application development and the store sales. I hope we can talk about apps.

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