What happens to Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday in 2022? Introducing this year's EC trend!


Have you already enjoyed shopping during this year's Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday (BFCM) sale?

If you enjoy the last shopping this year, those who want to aim for next year, those who live in Japan, or those who live in the United States, enjoy this article and enjoy the meaningful shopping. !

What is Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday (BFCM)?

In the first place, you may not know Black Friday Cybermandai.

Black FridayRefers to Friday, the next day of Thanks Giving Day on the fourth Thursday of November. This day is the day when large -scale sales are held at various shops in various industries. For retail stores, there are also days when the best product sells in one year.

Cyber ​​MondayThe next Monday from Black Friday to Saturday and Sunday. A large -scale sale is also held on this day, but as "Cyber", the sale on the online shop is the center.

Black Friday (Black Friday) ・ Cyber ​​Monday (Cyber ​​Monday) Take the acronym forBfcmIt is abbreviated as.

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When will BFCM this year and next year?

This year's BFCM is11/25 (Fri)11/28 (Monday)was!

Next year (2023)11/24 (Fri), 11/27 (Monday)It is.

In November, various shops are announcing sales, so those who missed this year should be careful next year!

Recent BFCM trends

Sale timing

In recent years, BFCM sale has started from a very early stage. There is a tendency to start sale a few days ago or weekly so that competitors and customers can purchase at a high willingness to consume.

Amazon isOctoberYou can see the prime day sale, and you can see the competition between companies.

In addition, Cyber ​​Monday has many shops on the last day, but there are some places where the sale period has been extended for about a week. This aims to target people who have forgotten to buy, and to continue on sale and reach at the time when other shops have finished enhancing advertising.

If you have forgotten to buy at this year's BFCM, or if you can't buy the target product, you may want to look for a shop where the sale period is still continuing!

free shipping

While shopping online accounts for a considerable percentage, the shipping cost will impair consumers' willingness to buy. Therefore, each company "Free shipping on purchases over $ more than $!While increasing the number of purchases, we are taking measures to promote purchases for free.

Also, in a store with a store, you may be able to select a pickup at the store when ordering online. This is an advantage for dealers, as it is a method that does not charge for shipping, as well as actually visiting the store.

E -mail magazine

Customers who have registered their e -mail addresses and phone numbers on the online shop are promoting purchase by distributing sales information and coupon codes in e -mail magazines and SMS.

If you have a favorite brand, you want to check the e -mail magazine so that you don't miss the information.

Buy Now Pay Later

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) is a payment method that has recently risen in the United States. It is a payment method that can be paid after purchase, as you read. To put it simply, it's a post -payment settlement. It has become worldwide in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic.

It is an option that is especially popular among younger generations because you can buy in bulk at the timing of BFCM and complete the payment over a few months.

VR shopping

The weak point of online shopping is that it is difficult to grasp the image of the product because it is not possible to pick up actual products. To solve this problem, the number of sites that use VR is increasing. This is a method in which the size and shape of the actual product are gaining attention as a means of telling the site visitors.

Saying the product image to customers more directly to sales, and it is easier to get the products you want as a customer.

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What did you think?

Although it is an event from the United States, there are many places in Japan now selling sales at this time.

When BFCM is approaching, check out the sale information of your favorite brand, check products that are usually difficult to reach out, look around the room and see if there is a replacement furniture appliances. It may be good to do!

By the way, there is a page where SHOPIFY records BFCM sales information in real time, so by all means.HerePlease also refer to it!

Whether you have been able to shop meaningful during this year's BFCM period, or, unfortunately, missed a chance to shop this year, enjoy shopping next year!


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