Video contest sponsored by surf line every year last year JOB's pipeline prize 3 million yen

This year was a year with many dangerous accidents where Owenlight, Be Darbich, Evan Gayselman, etc. were seriously injured by pipeline.Bebe Darbich is a pipeline pelvic fracture Surf video contest on a pipeline hosted by Surf LINE (wave forecast service like the US wavy legend).
Wave of the Winter Let's say this is the best wave this winter.
The prize judge, sent to the most memorable riding surfer, is also judging fairly by Legend Surfers, led by Jerry Lopez.
Jamy of Lyan Job shows this wave is exhaled with the longest travel time in the barrel and oversized Spitz.
The winning prize is $ 25,000 about 3 million yen WAVE OF THE WINTER documentary below explains the following videos.

One -stop offered from EC construction to advertising operation.