ULTRA JAPAN 2016 @ Odaiba Ultra Park

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2016.09.17 (Sat) / 18 (Sun) / 19 (Monday / holiday) TOKYO ODAIBA ULTRA PARK (Odaiba ULTRA JAPAN Special Venue / Aomi Koto -ku)

Opening 09:00 | Start 11:00 | End 21:00 (planned)

This year, the EDM Fest Ultra Japan 2016, which does not require explanation, will come to Odaiba!

What is Ultra Music Festival (UMF)?

In the first place, it was an EDM event that started in Miami, Florida in 1998, and is now a major EDM festival tour that is currently held around the world, including South Africa.

In Japan, it landed for the first time in 2014 and became a popular event mainly among young people in Tokyo.

What can you enjoy in Ultra Japan?

After all, the biggest attraction is that the world's top DJ lineup is exciting, and the stage production is very elaborate and you can enjoy it.

There are many DJs that everyone knows, such as David Guetta, so they are not familiar with EDM! It is also a good point that even those who can enjoy it until the end.

And because it is held in Odaiba and Tokyo, it is easy to access, there are many after -parties, and there are many spots that can be enjoyed even after the event! If you are lucky, you may be able to meet the top DJ! ?

For more information about the 2016 lineupHerecheck


And everyone who wants to know the atmosphere of the venue! First of all, from the annual Instagram

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What are you wearing ULTRA JAPAN? Fashion edition

Let's check fashion from where you know the atmosphere of the festival! There are many primary colors like the EDM festival and it is colorful and good! Stop the heels and it's easy to move, and you can enjoy it in a good way to get wet!

Hippie last year? #Ultrajapan #Ultra #Ultra #Ultra Japan

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Celebrities coming to Ultra Japan

It's a punch that floats today #Ultrajapan A Photo Posted by TAKAFUMI HORIE (Takafumi Horie, Horiemon) (@takapon_jp) ON

Ultra is exciting ??????

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thisarticleIt seems to be gathered by Horiemon, Ninety -Nine Okamura, Erica Sawajiri, Masato Yukawa, Masato Yukawa, Hana Imai, who appeared in Terrace House!

VVIP seat

Ultra's VVIP seat where many celebrities come And the price of the drink in the VVIP seat will pop out again.

Access to Odaiba

There should be many people from rural areas! Odaiba is inconvenient if it is a sober train! So please ride with Go Ride! Riding Go RideIf you go, you will be excited by the artist and the transportation expenses will be cheap! By the way, the parking lot is recommended for Shiofu Park parking lot. Capacity: 134 northern parking lots and 274 south parking lots Price: 300 yen for 1 hour. After that, 100 yen every 30 minutes
Odaiba parking lot Source: Imasugu News
If you want more detailed information, this site is well organizedOdaiba Access In a shareGo Ride! MADOKA BUS3

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