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When will you go to Cuba? Now!
It is said that diplomatic relations, which had been cut off since 1961 after the Cuba Revolution, will recover for the first time in 54 years. NAVER Summary Normalization of rice in Cuba Cuban was a relatively major tourist destination from Canada, but from Japan because the US diplomatic relations had been cut off so far, Japan => Toronto (Canada) => Havana (Cuba) or Mexico Cancun. The main method was to enter Cuba. If diplomatic relations normalize, it is easy to imagine that Americans, who could not officially visit sightseeing, will visit a large number of direct flights. However, after that, the tour bus will surely be extremely into a tourist destination, and the tour bus will get on one after another, and the unique fun of Cuba, which has stopped time, will be lost in Havana. There is a possibility. In particular, if a classic car is rare, it will be exported more and more, and ordinary American cars will overflow in the city? Img_3976 So, if you go, I would like to introduce a little bit of the recommended Cuba that is now recommended. What I imagine when it is called Cuba is Cigars, lamb (mojito), chegabara, classic carsIs that?

Classic car

First of all, no matter where you take a picture, it will be a picture. Img_4056 Buick 1959 It is a car more than 50 years ago Img_4055 Img_4096 Img_3958 Some cars do not have such a meter at all .... It is a taxi.


The cocktail that I want to come to this country and drink is Mojito. The rest is the Daikiri I loved when Hemingway lived in Havana. It is also famous as a shop that produces Mojito, a bar "La Bodeguita del Medio", which is said to have passed the Hemingway. Source: Wikipedia It is also famous as a shop that produces Mojito, a bar "La Bodeguita del Medio", which is said to have passed the Hemingway. Source: Wikipedia Source https://note.mu/flighty8383/n/n753083b6260c sourcehttps://note.mu/flighty8383/n/n753083b6260c Frozen Mojito is a little luxury hotel or resort area offers mojito in Frozen. Not only frozen, but Mojito of Cuba is quite sweet compared to the general mojit that drinks in Japan, but as you get used to it, you will feel very delicious. Good compatibility with cigars. The heat in the afternoon was combined, and it was a Mojito of Cuba that felt more delicious.


Source: Sumally https://sumally.com/p/1028058 Source: Sumally https://sumally.com/p/1028058  Cuban cigar (cigar) is known as a luxury item, and covers and monterecrists are famous among typical brands. I want to try it once. Even if you are not good at cigarettes, many people like cigars. As a way of sucking, it does not fit in the lungs like a basic cigarette, and enjoys the scent and taste (flavor) in the mouth. Coordinator Siguro II sourcehttp://birthday.ti-da.net/e3 In addition, the thicker it is, the higher the quality, the more luxurious. If the fire is gone, you will enjoy the scent again. Cut the root with a cigar cutter and light it, but the taste changes depending on the cutting method. If it is the above coordinator, it may cost about 3000 yen per unit in Japan. I want to enjoy it at Cuba. Click here if you want to know a lot about cigars CIGAR JAPAN Img_4144 Looking at shows at sightseeing spots, cigars and lamb often came with a set. While drinking mojito and daikiri, enjoying Cuban music, taking a break with cigars, I want to experience it once. You can see where the cigars are refined at the full -fledged cigar factory. In addition, the cigar was made even in a barn on the way to such a sightseeing spot, and it was fresh that it was easy to smoke even in non -branded cigars. Conversely, the fake brand cigar is too severe, so anyone can understand it in an instant. Img_4097 Naturally all handmade made in a barn on the roadside Security The security was good and I didn't feel any problem at night. Be careful as all the sellers who come to sell cigars on the roadside are fake. The fake cigar can be seen immediately because the tongue is tingling the moment you smoke. Purchase a chitin and hologram seal at an Authorized Dealer official store.

Photo gallery

Img_4063 Revolutionary plaza Img_3987 Beach Beach, a beach of Baradero, about an hour away from Havana City, seems to be able to surf, and the number of surfers has gradually increased recently. Img_4036 old Town Img_4099 Vinylless Valley

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