[TIPS] Refreshing method for consecutive holidays

Soon the fall of a large holiday Silver Week, have you decided where to go? If you travel a long distance by car, there are some traffic congestion on going and returning. Here are some recommended refreshing methods you want to try in such a case. 1. Relieve frustration with carbonated drink carbonated drinks! Recently, there are many types of carbonated drinks, especially reminiscent of non -alcoholic moheat"Salty Lime Soda from Kitchen in the Kirin World"Refresh with a refreshing lime flavor. The frustration of traffic jams is also eased. SCREEN SHOT 2015-09-17 at 9.24.35 AMsourceKirin HP 2.Stretch in the service area! Take a deep breath and relax strech In addition, the recent service area is open in the gourmet treasure trove, and in the service area of ​​Shimizu and Ebina in Shin -Tomei.Lon cafeIf you taste delicious French toast and coffee, refresh even more! By the way, if you brush your teeth, it is clean and the best! SCREEN SHOT 2015-09-17 at 9.31.16 AMsourceLON CAFE HP 3. Watch a movie on theipad EF03310BFF870C3AF0C00E4FD5FD5C13B_S Recently, the number of kits that can be mounted has increased, so you can enjoy traveling while watching dramas and movies in Netflix. The tension is further improved in the movie that suits the theme of the trip (For example, a movie set in Ise to watch an ENDLESS SUMMER movie when going to a surf lip or go to IseSeeing the sky where half a moon rises) I don't mind traffic jams. 4. In -car karaoke 26FB36FE0D3EF1F1F48371245D50A2520_s Sing and eliminating the frustration of traffic jams! By the way, I want to hear it on the driveWestern music Pop Music 10 selections orRecommended for autumn drive HIPHOP R & B 15 selectionsI hope everyone can get excited with this! Then spend a nice Silver Week!

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