The world's superb views from the drone -4 minutes of empty journey by Yoshihide Ishigami

Yoshihide Ishigami, a creator in the name of Fly Around The World A collection of images made by combining images taken by traveling around the world Facebook Fly Around The World Twitter Fly Around The World Instagram Fly Around The World It is distributed in and so on. This short story video was made more than 4000 times more than 4000 times on Twitter. It will be a superb view from the usual pose (unleashed like an eagle with a drone). And in this 4 -minute video, superb views around the world are introduced one after another. What was ISHIGAMI's feelings, who took two years while traveling around the world for two years? You'll be excited just by imagining your feelings. Many people bought a drone before going on a trip after watching this video? I would like to expect YOSHIHIDE ISHIGAMI's travel works in the future. * Drone regulations are becoming more severe in the world, so if you take them abroad, we recommend that you check the status of your travels in advance. You may be worried about this article Classic car restore? Not only TECH & ECO custom that makes it an electric car 14 Western music that you want to listen to when you go on a trip or surf lip POP, EDM, R & B A Japanese couple who is a custom Land Cruiser on a driving trip around the world! ! BIG WAVE SURFER's daily life to transfer the daily life of Instagram Photo & Jaws Epic Session Video

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