The Metropolitan Expressway, Yokohama Shindo raised the price from 4/1. The price cut is also reduced on the Yokoko Road and the Ken -O Expressway.

Prices will be raised from April from April. The maximum price will increase from the current 930 yen to 1300 yen. However, the short distance of the first ride is reduced from 510 yen to 320 yen, so it is advantageous for short -range chinori. Click here for a detailed fee system In addition, Yokohama Shindo and Dai -third Keihin will also be raised. The third Keihin from 260 yen to 390 yen Yokohama Shindo is from 210 yen to 320 yen (news that your wallet hurts in the surfers heading for Shonan). Conversely, the price cut is Yokoko Road and the Ken -O Expressway. Commonly known Yokohama Road Yokohama Yokohama Road from 1440 yen to 950 yen From 990 yen to 770 yen from Ken -O Expressway (Samukawa Minami -Sagamihara Aikawa) In any case, the Japanese highway fee is said to be the highest in the world! ! It is good that it is well maintained, but I want to save money with smart! When you go on a long distance, when you go out like thatGo Ride I want to save money wisely. If you put it alone, it will be half price. MADOKA BUS3

One -stop offered from EC construction to advertising operation.