The merits and measures of SEO in LP

by Chie Suzuki

LP is the first page that users access from "search" or "ads". LPs are different from the website, and aims to lead to actions such as requesting materials and purchasing products. Therefore, the result of LP has a significant effect on the sales of products and services. I guess some people are considering SEO measures to increase the inflow to LP more.

However, SEO in LP will not have sufficient effects unless it is implemented based on the type and characteristics. In this article, I will explain the merits and measures of SEO in LP.

The meaning and type of LP

LP is a term that abbreviated "Landing Page". Translated directly, the landing page is different, but the meaning is different between the broader LP and the narrow sense LP. In addition, there are "1 -page complete LP" and "site integrated LP" even in the same LP. First, let's take a look at the narrow sense and broad sense of LP and the types.

The meaning and type of LP

LPs in Web marketing have two meanings.

Narrow sense LP

It is a page that works on the behavior of the user and aims to "improve sales" and "acquire prospective customers". For example, there are the following examples.

・ Applications and inquiries for "products" and "services" → Improvement of sales

・ Event reservation (insurance consultation, housing tour, etc.) → Excavation of prospective customers

・ Application for "sample" and "free members" → Discovery of prospective customers

The purpose of the LP in a narrow sense is to ultimately connect to users from Google Search and SNS to conversion (achievements in Web marketing). In general, LP in marketing refers to "LP in a narrow sense", and LP explains that LP is "LP in a narrow sense".

Wide meaning LP

This is the first page for users to visit by "Google Search" or "Advertising Click". For example, if a user searches for the company name and visits the top page, the LP is the top page. On the other hand, if the user searches for "product name" or "service name" and visits an individual page, the LP will be an individual page. The LP of "Google Analytics", which is often used when performing access analysis, is often captured in a broad sense.

1 Page Completed LP

LPs that do not have a link conductor to other pages, such as a general advertising LP, and displays one product or service per page, is called "one -page complete LP". The 1 -page complete LP is intended for the first user's immediate purchase, and is particularly effective for diet products and cosmetics, for example, a clear target. It is common for a one -page complete LP to not put a link conductor to other content to avoid leaving the user's page. In addition, information such as "catch phrase", "merit", "product appeal", "price plan", "comparison with other companies" is posted on one page, aiming to connect to the purchase of users' final products and services. increase.

However, the 1 -page complete LP is not suitable for SEO. The reasons are:

・ The amount of text is small

・ Since there is no link to other content, the number of pages is small

Google is said to be difficult to go to the top search because it is evaluated with emphasis on text and information. Enhance LP with advertising strategy and LP optimization instead of SEO.

Site integrated LP

"Site -integrated LP" is a LP with a lower page, unlike a one -page complete LP that is completed with one page of content. It is a format used when posting a large number of products and services. In the integrated site, "attracting customers" and "guidance to other pages" are more important than user immediate purchasing.

The site -integrated LP is suitable for SEO for the following reasons.

・ There are many pages

・ The amount of text is large

・ Easy to build links

・ Easy to consider search intentions

・ The operation period of the entire site is likely to be longer

It is characterized by being able to aim for the top search because it matches the evaluation of Google. In addition, if you advertise the site -integrated LP, the number of accesses to LPs will increase and the entire site will be evaluated.

What is SEO?

No matter how much you focus on the design or content when publishing a website, it is meaningless if it is not displayed higher. Therefore, measures to display the higher rank are called SEO measures. SEO measures play a major role in Web marketing, such as "improving awareness" and "acquisition of prospects", and affects sales improvements. Here, we will explain the meaning, purpose, advantages and disadvantages of SEO.

The meaning and purpose of SEO

SEO is an abbreviation of "Search Engine Optimization" and means "search engine optimization". Search engine optimization is a measure to display the site at the top when searching for "Google Search" or "Yahoo! Search". If the web page can be displayed higher by SEO measures, you can expect more users. And if it finally leads to a conversion, SEO marketing was successful.

The merits and demerits of SEO

The advantages and disadvantages of SEO are as follows.


・ High cost effectiveness

In the case of listing ads that are displayed in conjunction with the keywords searched by the user, the cost is incurred for each click. On the other hand, if you can display the higher rank in SEO measures, you can continue to display the site without spending money.

・ Customer attracting customers can be expected continuously

If you take SEO measures on the site, you can expect customers to attract customers while they are ranked higher. On the other hand, if you stop listing listing ads, attract customers will be cut off.

・ Improvement of brand awareness

If the site is ranked higher due to SEO measures, the user will trigger the site. If you actually visit the site and provide high -quality information, it will help you to gain trust and improve your brand awareness.


・ There is no immediate effect

SEO countermeasures often take time to get the effect, and may take six months to the annual basis for the top display. Therefore, it is not suitable when attracting customers for immediate effect.

・ Inflict algorithm fluctuations

In SEO, the search ranking may fluctuate due to the update of the algorithm. As a result, sites that have been searched until recently may not be displayed on the first page the next day.

・ It is difficult to assume the number of accesses

Effective SEO measures are characterized by the fact that you can collect access at once, but it is difficult to assume the number of accesses. In order to get the best inquiry for internal resources, try various measures.

SEO measures in LP

In the past, LP advertising was common when appealing products and services to new targets. However, in the case of an ad, the cost is not high because the cost is incurred as much as the published. On the other hand, if you take SEO measures to the LP, you can expect to acquire customers permanently without any cost. Here, we will explain the concept of SEO measures in LP.

What to do with the target keyword

In SEO measures, "Keyword Selection" is a very important point. By grasping the "user's search needs" and setting appropriate keywords, you can create content that satisfies demand and reflect it in SEO.

Understand keyword selection after understanding "user needs", "characteristics of competitors", "strengths of our products and services".

Is it a content that covers user search needs?

Creating content that covers users' search needs can attract users into your site. There are following methods for searching for typical search needs.

Step 1. Enter keywords in "Google Search Bar"

Step 2. Then, "List of related keywords" is displayed.

Step 3. Search for user search needs from the relevant keyword list

At the same time, we will also check the "monthly average search volume" for each keyword, but at this time it is a good idea to use tools such as "keyword planners". The abstract keyword with a large search volume alone will be buried in the competitors, so let's analyze the target firmly and set the keyword.

Are you incorporating E-E-A-T?

"E-E-A-T" is a term that is independently set by Google, which is an acronym for "Experience", "Expertise", "Authoritative (authority)", and "Trust (reliability)". It is a standard for evaluating high websites. Specifically, the content and number of content, the amount of information and the safety of the page are the evaluation criteria. Google emphasizes these four evaluation criteria, so it is necessary to incorporate SEO measures.

Did you check the top competition articles and advertisements?

Competition articles and advertisements are displayed at the top search because the keywords provide content that meets users' needs. Therefore, if you look at the top competition articles, you can understand the needs of users. In addition, confirmation of competitive articles and advertisements is also effective for "differentiation from competitors" or "discovering information not on their own site".

Is the number of characters appropriate?

In SEO, the number of characters does not have a direct effect on the search ranking. In Google, it is not a simple number of characters, but only the quality of the content is evaluated. However, the number of characters will naturally increase in order to create a highly comprehensive content that meets the search needs of the user. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the number of characters in the content.

Are you considering usability?

If the site display speed is slow, the user will feel stressed and will leave. If you are considering usability, you can prevent such users from leaving. In recent years, it has more access from smartphones than a computer, so it is important to design UIs such as the appearance and ease of use of the site in consideration of that point.

Can you get a linked link?

"Backlink" is a link attached to the company's site from an external site. In general, if you can get a lot of links, you can expect the site evaluation and the top search. However, even if the linked link is increased unnecessarily, it cannot be expected to have a sufficient SEO effect. It is important to increase high quality links, as evaluated by Google.

How to decide the keyword

Keyword decisions are the most important in SEO measures. The keywords are directly linked to the number of accesses and conversion rates. Here are four points about how to decide the keyword.

Decide the direction of the page

First, clarify the purpose of the site, such as "purchasing products and services", "increased inflow to the site", and "increasing the number of inquiries". Then, let's decide on what site should be used to achieve that purpose. If you decide the purpose and direction of the page in advance, the subsequent keyword selection will proceed smoothly.

Think about keywords that match the direction

Once the page direction is determined, select the keyword that matches the direction. Let's decide the main theme that is an important axis for the entire site, and consider the sub -keywords associated with the keyword. For example, if there is a theme of "SEO beginner" or "recommended SEO tool", the main keyword is "SEO", and the sub -keyword is "beginner", "tool". The main keyword should be more likely to connect to the purchasing and inquiries of the targeted products and services.

Use keyword search tools

When deciding a keyword in SEO, it is recommended to use a "keyword search tool". You can search for related keywords or search for search volumes. The following five representative keyword search tools are listed.

・ Google keyword planner

・ Racco keyword

・ Google trend

・ Yahoo! Chiebukuro

・ Google Search Console

There are other tools, but each has a different characteristics, so choose a tool that suits your purpose.

Priority is determined by competitive articles and search volumes

After extracting keywords according to the content of the content, the priority is determined by competitive articles and search volumes. Competition articles in the top search will be helpful because they are evaluated as responding to the needs of users. Also, the search volume is the high demand for keywords because the number of searches for users. By giving priority to keywords, you can expect effective SEO measures.


LP is the first page that users have accessed first, which has a major impact on product and service sales. If SEO measures are adopted in LP, you can expect to improve cost -effective sales. In order to obtain sufficient effects by SEO, it is necessary to hold down the characteristics, types, and points in SEO. In particular, selection of keywords is important in SEO measures, so let's take a look at this article.



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