[Surfing] Hawaiian, who was in the Shark Attack, puts out the feature of sharks and repels the shark

Source: The INERTIA This year, the number of witnesses of shark attacks and sharks is increasing around the world with great momentum, but there was a tswimono that went through the eyeballs.
Tonyee, who lives in Hawaii, suddenly swims off the coast of Lanikai Beach, pulled his feet in the water and when he thought what had happened, sharks were adding his own feet. The goggles were attached, so the water was clearly visible, so I thought it would not work even if I punched, so when I looked around, the shark was released.
This means that one leg has been lost, but it will undergo surgery again to make it possible to use another leg.
He is a surfer, but it takes time psychologically to enter the sea.
I can't help but hope for recovery. In Japan, a man who was SUP was attacked yesterday in Okinawa, so a single surfing should be avoided especially in the morning and evening. In the morning and evening, especially sharks actively act.

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