[SURF] Sri Lanka, a country that you want to have a surf lip once

The weather is warm all year round and the water temperature is high, so you can surf with board shorts, and there is an all -season swell. In the winter of Japan, you can enjoy surfing at the west side of Hickadua summer at Argan Bay on the east side. The waves are not superbreas like Bali Urwatsu, but there are many fans and wavy points that are wavy in the head. I think the degree of congestion is lower than Bali. It may be especially recommended for couples. Prices have been remarkably economic growth due to the end of the recent war, and are rising due to the expansion of multinational companies and the increase in tourists. Especially along the beach, there are many tourists coming from Europe to vacate, and there are many stylish shops, but the price is high. Below is the state of Hikkadua's main break Even on the day when Big Swell entered, he kept it properly and kept the shape. This day is about half of the set, almost a reserved surf with a few people. I was on. Surprisingly, there were many fan surf days on this day. Img_4731 After -Surf is a drink along the beach, Chillin. Img_4716 After -Surf break time at the beach cafe Img_4701 A girl from a hamburger shop who is used to tourists Sun-glass Img_4613 It was an easy -to -drink taste like Sri Lanka Beer Corona that forgot the name. beer At night, when it got excited, the drink -on -coconut liqueurs were delicious. SRI-Lank-LIQUL If there is an event on the weekend, everyone will go out to the beach at night and get excited Img_4671 On the left side of the main point, even beginners and those who do not surf the sea bathing can play with confidence It is a homemade video. The atmosphere of Sri Lanka is transmitted well.

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