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source:MORGAN MAASSEN Official HP Isn't there a lot of surfers who don't know Japanese people? In a familiar place, a photo of his waves taken is used in a photo of the desktop wallpaper of Mac (OS X Yosemite). Under the theme of beach culture, Morgan Massen (Morgan Massen) California (Morgan Massen) Santa Barbara, when he is 16 years old and cannot surf, shoots his friends and surf films. It seems that he started to send beach culture after making it. Then, at a stretch, I got into it, quit my school, quit my job, traveled around the world, posted surfing photos and videos on my blog, and I came to work one after another and became even more serious about shooting activities. that's right. Morgan_face And he is still 23 years old! Perhaps the youngest and influential surf photographer in the world? He currently has a contract with Quick Silver Quick Silver and works for Quick Silver for 100 days out of 365 days a year. Working is not in the office, but after receiving a request to go to the world from Quick Silver, he seems to shoot and edit film for 100 days a year. In the remaining 265 days, you may want to be in the world as you like and work for other magazines. MorganmaAssen Facebook of Morgan MaassenThe page has exceeded 200,000 LIKE. This figure is astonishing with a personal photographer.Click here for Instagram Click here for the official page Instagram also has 200,000 followers. From here, see his wonderful photos. His photos that continue to send beach culture while traveling around the world are exquisite. MORGANMAASSEN_SURFING_5 MORGANMAASSEN_LIFESTYLE_27 MORGANMAASSEN_SURFING_22 MORGANMAASSEN_SURFING_13 MORGANMAASSEN_SURFING_11 MorganmaAssen_lifeStyle_2 MORGANMAASSEN_SURFING_33
MORGANMAASSEN_SURFING_29 This photo is used for Mac's desktop wallpaper. beautiful. I also use this photo for my Mac.
Waiting for the waves MORGANMAASSEN_SURFING_27 I want to travel to such a beautiful place, it is friendly to the wallet to accompany the surf lip.Go RidePlease share with you :)

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