[Surf Life] Shark Banz I tried using a shark!

When I went to California the other day, it was cheaper than buying it in Japan, so I purchased and tried Shark Banz @huntington Beach. I think it was about 70.

How to Split The Peak at Huntington Beach. #Usopen

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First, check the contents of Shark Banz in this video! The effect seems to have been confirmed in Bull Shark, etc., but I am worried about what it is in Great White Shark. Shark attack has increased rapidly in California in recent years, especially in Santa Barbara Surf Beach. In particular, the number of shark witnesses in North California (Northern California) is increasing. (Santa cruz, etc.) By the way, I actually purchased it and put it on, it is much heavier than I thought. Isn't it about 1 kilometer? SHAR-BANZ2 Shark-Banz3 At the beginning, I was a little worried about taking off ... I don't think I feel a lot of weight ... And when you get out of the sea, it is a magnet, so the sand is stuck even if you take a shower. Shark-Banz1 When I actually did some rounds, I got used to the feeling of use, but the part under the shark band and the ankle came out and blood came out. When it was devised and sowed on the top of Leash, the Velcro of Leash was able to be used comfortably without any problems without rubbing. If you want this part to be improved by attaching this velcro After all something called Shark Leash! ! ! ! SCREEN-SHOT-2016-10-03-AT-1-46-11-PM I thought this was good, but the price $ 180! ! ! More than 18,000 yen in Japanese yen! Then how good it would be if sold in Japan! ? I'm feeling~. I want you to keep it less than $ 100 because it is a little simpler. Nowadays, the number of shark attacks is increasing worldwide, so when going to Surforn in Okinawa, California, Hawaii, etc., you may have to take it instead of an amulet!

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