[SURF] Kanoa Igarashi (USA) is almost confirmed that WCT will be entered next season

Source: Surfing Magazine At the QS6,000 event "Mahalo Surf Eco Festival" held on November 1 (Brazil)Igarashi Kanoa(18 years old) won. From the second half of this year's tour, Kanoa's WCT has been featured in the media. The results of this time have risen to fifth place, and the WCT will be in the next season. At the beginning of this year's tour, the person himself did not clearly decide his goal for the CT tour, but he was glad that he was able to achieve his long -term goal earlier than he thought. This year, we focused on WQS and fought completely. When I started with WQS, it seemed that it was not the level to be in the WQS contest in the first place. He grew up in the United States and his nationality is the United States, and he will represent the United States, but he wants to stimulate other Japanese surfers. The following is the WQS ranking Kanoa after the end of MAHALO SURF ECO FESTIVAL. 2015-Wqs-Rank-After-Mahalo-Surf-ECO-FESTIVAL
When entering the WCT, this time, the world -class super wave is a contest venue, Chopoo, Fiji's cloud break, pipeline, etc.
Kanoa is also a favorite surfer for Gabriel Medina. It was shocking that the editorial department won the chopoo's big wave in 2014. In such a condition, it was a great drama that a small medina wins as a WCT rider, while the big wave is often good at ridors with a large body. Keep an eye on Kanoa's success in next season, probably, you may have more opportunities to see mainstream media such as terrestrial terrestrial television.
Words Cannot Descripe How I AM Feeling Right Now, I Won My First QS6000! I Really Couldn't of WitHout My Family ... Posted by Kanoa Igarashi ON Sunday, November 1, 2015

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