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Every time I surf in Shonan, I think every time, especially in summer, garbage is amazing. I used to go to the Hosego area in France before, but at that time the beach was very beautiful and interested. [Surf TRIP] Beach Town Hossegor in France There is no place in California and Bali where the beach has as much garbage as Shonan. I wondered what was different, but overseas, trash cans are installed on the beach. machado-trash-can Machado is Rob Machado Foundation. Especially in the Hosego area, there was a trash can to throw the pets feces, so I thought this was convenient. Of course, I think that the government is working with money, but if there is a trash can at a close distance, it is a surfer or a bather, etc., if you have a little garbage, you can easily pick it up and throw it away. In a sense, crowdsourcing of garbage? It feels like. Overseas, I was actually good, and when I got up from the sea, I picked it up and just put it in a trash can. However, when entering the sea in Shonan, there is no trash bin, and it is not possible to pick up the garbage a little and bring it back to the house. But if a lot of trash cans are installed along the sea, I think I often pick them up and throw them away. I wanted the Japanese beach to be more beautiful, so I wrote it. If someone will do this in the city council in the Shonan area, you'll want to support you. By the way, the following is a 19 -year -old boy launching a project to collect sea garbage at a stretch. In this article, a bucket that automatically collects sea garbage invented by Australian surfers has also been featured. Invented two Australian surfers Seabin to solve the garbage problem in the sea I've heard that 70 % of the sea garbage come from the river, so I'm an amateur that I can't do anything like a garbage net at the estuary.

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