[Surf] As a result of surfing for one year you want to bring to the surf lip

It is an introduction of the editorial department when you have a long -term surfing. I hope it will be helpful for your long -term surf lip. Source: My endless summer ■ Surf Gears Surfing tool 2 SurfBoards Surf board The third Simon Andersen, the third sheet, broke in Bali. -Lost WhipLash X TAJ 6.0 Volume 26 Liter -Almelric T -LOW 5.10 Volume 25.5 Liter -Simon Andersen XFC 6.2 Volume 27 LITER 27 LITER (CHOARD GOT ​​BROKEN in BAL i This board was broken by burr) on fish on a small day When I played, I borrowed it from locals and friends.
Surfboard soft case It was very useful for the soft case of this surfboard. The inside is transparent and you can see which board is easy to use! Active as an inner case in two hard cases as a soft case! ■ Surfboard hard case Click here for the hard case that can put two pieces I like the camouflage pattern! Durable and design are perfect! I wrote Top Load Only from the beginning, so it will not be loaded! This is super important! ! Surfboard-Case
Just around the world, if you move that much, absolutely when you get off the car and move! The one with a wheel is easy! I looked for a lot while traveling, but I couldn't find it! I wanted this all the time lol I couldn't buy it, but I returned home ..... ■ Wetsuit Harley Interceptor 3 X 3 WETSUIT 3mm x 3mm 3mm HURLEY INTERCEPTER back brushed, so it was very warm and the highest quality and ease of movement were perfect among the wets I wore so far. Warm and super light as 5mm I had so far! With a small hole, this can be repaired enough, so maybe you can have a wet suit bond. ■ Boots Boots 2mm Tabi I used it down for a year and it was broken at the end, but it was very strong. I am satisfied. Although it is a cold -proof boots, it can be used as a leaf boots. The back is weaker than the leaf boots, so if you step on the pounding leaf, there will be holes .... ■ Leash After all, as the waves grow, the thin leash often cut off. Also, if it was a large day in a short Leash, Lee She was stuck with a pachinko principle when it wiped out, and he flew away from the principle of pachinko and was injured. Personally, I recommend the following FCS 8FEET Leash on on a large day. I used it quite a lot in Urwatsu, but I could use it without any big days. Conversely, Lee She, who brought from Japan, was cut off in Mexico, Nicaragua, etc., and became a fucking swimming to the shore. ■ BILLABONG JACKET Villa Bontappa X1 It is safe if it is also a tropical main. I used it quite often. Purchased in Mexico tappa
■ HURLEY BOARDSHORTS PHANTOM X 2 One was killed by Urwatatsu and became shredded. Be careful about management because it is often stolen The longer the inner, the better the peach does not rub! When I surfed with a few round board shorts every day, I rubbed peaches and hurt if the inner was short. ■ Surf Watch Nixon Lodown Surfwatch (waterproof clock for surfing that can check the tide's paddy) ■ Surflock Surf Lock(It is for storing car keys while surfing) Even if it is a big success to rent a car and surf around the world, it will be surfing in one shot, so it will be in one shot. If you are a country, it may be easier to see the raging on the car, so let's put it in an inconspicuous place. The lock below is quite large and easy to use after returning to Japan. Wax, leash, poncho, sunblock, antiseptic, bandaid. Various waxes, three leash cords, three poncho, sunscreen, disinfectant, bandage, and petrolatum, there were many foreign surfers to replace them with lime. The number of times to cut the legs is natural, but there are many, so a medium size and large bandage are essential. I took a lot and used it in large quantities. I think the wound power pad will be cured as soon as you do not enter the sea anymore, but the next day, when you enter the sea, you will still want to dry and make a castra, so use a normal waterproof bandage. I was. ■ Shark Shark Banz I used it when I went to California the other day in the extra edition. Shark Banz I tried using a shark, Impression ■ Backpack Main backpack with roller:URAMYU Blog I referred to the belongings around the world. I think this was good because it was easy to use, durable and light. I can do it, but I used it all the time. Second Small Backpack: Unfortunately, I was stolen in Amsterdam, but this was also durable and very useful. I bought it again at Hoseego. The PC also fits perfectly on the inner pocket part ■ Wire Lock Wire lock X 3 This is definitely a must -have item if you go to a super correct answer. ■ Gadget gadgets Mac Book Air 13inch IPad miniIf you don't write a blog used for heavy, such as how to walk on the Bookscan, e -books, manga and surf movies, this is enough if you don't write a blog. I rarely read how to walk the earth. There was not much meaning that I spent a lot of money and purchased a lot and Bookscan. Since the information came in from the web, I used it to read books and manga. It was also convenient to show everyone a surf movie in the hostel. In this Deer Sabbia, there are scenes where Dane and John John are surfed by Japanese Shonan and Shikoku breaks, so I showed this to the surfers of other countries and introduced the Japanese waves. Lol External HDD for Backup external HDD (Is it okay to have 2TB) Go Pro Surf Edition I was HERO3 at the time, but I don't need a new housing. I think that the luggage on the trip is reduced and it is comfortable. Waterproof digital camera (purchased separately by Eyefi) Pentax Optio WG-2 GPS It was broken in Mexico (for impact?) Until then, it is impact and waterproof to shoot anywhere, such as underwater photography. It was useful because it was good. With the Eye Fi, you can easily transfer data (it was convenient because you can transfer what you like to iPhone or Mac without pulling out the card once). ■ Clothes clothing T shirt X 5, long t shirt x1 Uniqlo Heattech, Hurley Foodie, Towel (T -shirts 5 Ron T 1 sheet 1 sheet, high -performance HURLEY HURLEY Parker, UNIQLO warm bread, 1 piece of towel) Heattech can be used. Please click below. Comfortable inner UNIQLO HEATTECH HEATTECH Cospa that can be used in spring and autumn must be a must -buy when you move the strongest. Beach Sandal Beach sandals are always stolen, so it doesn't make sense to have something very good. Unfortunately, the favorite astrodk was stolen in no time. Sandal HURLEY Parker Phantom material Light and not bulky, it also plays the rain, so it is a must -have item Surf T was also a Harley. V -neck looks like a normal T -shirt. ■ Slip -on (beach sneakers) SanoukThis was really convenient. Not too cold, not hot, light, folded SANUK Sanuku Sandals Neaker too comfortable If it is now, I will bring jersey to jeans.Click here for Raku Jeans articles ■ Sunscreen It was expensive, but this was easy to use. Because it is a stick type, it is convenient to attach it without getting dirty If you choose with cospa, here Aloe gel Aloegel is essential for recovery of sunburn skin. This size is not bulky and easy to carry. On days when the sunlight is too strong, the skin recovery is completely different just by applying a little. ■ Lip balm I wasn't particular about it, so I thought it would be good if it was about SPF30. ■ Contacts and Medicine daily necessities Contacts Lens, Eye Drops for 6 months Floss, Q-Tip, Tylenol. Shoromaru, stomach medicine, bufferin, earpick, floss, litherin, disinfectant Masaorimaru is a friend of a surfer with a weak stomach lol This sugar garment does not smell so good! If it is 250ml of this size, it can be brought to an airplane, and it is just the right size for a surf lip. The disinfectant was often lent by a leaf, or a friend suddenly was injured and lent it. I may have used it almost every day in Ulwat ■ Documents documents, cards Passport Passport Passport International Drivers License International License 3 Credit Cards, 1 Cash Card, Travel Insurance Certificate. Point card credit cards such as airlines and hotels 3 Night Milege Plus, Amex, Rakuten Card) 1 Domestic cash card overseas Travel insurance certificate copy (I contracted here.Hideto Kaneko Damage Life Insurance Office) You often get injured if you are surfing, and in tropical areas, there are many malaria, so I think it's better to have overseas travel insurance. If it is within 3 months, credit card attached overseas travel insurance will be applied, so I think it is better to purchase a ticket with a card that applies insurance. The editorial department used overseas travel insurance when it was rough in the Netherlands. Have you decided where to go? Click this article to decide where you want a surf lip destinationI would like to go to Soul Surfer 7 selections that I want to go this winter (other than Bali) Click here for staying in the car About surfboard charge[Surf> 2015 Surfboard Charge Aviation List The definitive edition ANA, JAL is also described And Speaking of surf lips in the same way, GO RIDE MADOKA BUS3

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