[SURF] 2017 Surfboard Charge Aviation List The definitive edition ANA, JAL is also described

People who go to the surf lip must see surfboard charge by airlines by airline. When going to the surf lip list, the surfboard charge is always a problem! United Airlines is $ 200 one way, and some airlines do not accept surfboards in the first place. Some airlines, like Thai Airlines, charges each number of boards. The most familiar Japanese is a surfboard charge on Garuda Airlines to go to Bali. In 2014, Singapore Airlines temporarily charged about $ 100 one way, but it seems to be free again this time. Depending on the route, the price of surfboard charge will change, and the policy will change, so it is recommended that you check again by phone before the flight. In addition, if you are a business trip to those who often ride an airplane, you may be able to negotiate the surfboard charge at the counter, such as those who have a status (mileage program) or in business class. In the European cheap LCCs, etc., the price is essential because the price of the ticket fee and the surfboard charge do not change. Please note that even if it is written that it is free below, it is within the contract luggage range (weighs and numbers within the range specified by each airline). I am a Star Alliance group because there are many airlines with free surfboard charge, and many people in the Star Alliance affiliates, such as the ANA and Asiana Airlines below, and are easy to use! Even though the ground staff with little experience is free, it has been charged in various ways because it is a paid even though it is free, so in that case, the information of the airline's website is firmly conveyed and free of charge. Let's claim something. In fact, ANA has been made corrected several times so far, and has been corrected. First of all, from a Japanese airline Japanese domestic airline


Surfboard charge domestic line,Free on both international flights(I remember paying a surfboard charge when I went to Ishigaki Island around 2011, but it seems to have been revised).


Surfboard charge in Japan and international flightsPaid See below for details Surfboard wind surfing fee SCREEN SHOT 2015-11-05 at 10.57.39 AM Depending on the type of airplane you get on, you may not be able to accept a mid -length surfboard or more.Source: ANA SCREEN SHOT 2015-11-05 at 10.55.48 AM

Overseas airline surfboard charge (every one way)Source: Surf LINE

Airline Price Notes
Aer Lingus www.aerlingus.com 516-622-4222 The amount varies depending on the route Flights in other areas that are often free from North America or North America are 40 euros (online) for sports equipment, 50 euros (airport payment), but only one board/person
Aero Mexico www.aeromexico.com 800-237-6639 $40 If you purchase by phone in advance, at $ 40 airports $ 50 1 case up to 3 boards up to 3 boards up to 115 inch weights up to 100 pounds
Air Canada www.aircanada.com 888-247-2262 $50+ It is not possible to accept the board, depending on the spacing, so if the pre -registration is essentially within the entrusted baggage range, the paddle board is not allowed.
Air Emirates www.emirates.com 800-777-3999 Free / or charged by route Free if it is within the entrusted luggage range, it takes $ 175 to 32 kg if it is 59 inches or more.
Air France www.airfrance.com 800-237-2747 $55-$150 If it is 42 inches or less, it will be paid a one-way $ 55-150 if it is free of charge luggage range, so check it on the phone.
Air New Zealand www.airnewzealand.com 800-262-1234 Free / or charged by route One surfboard bag is counted as one luggage up to two surfboards. (However, it is necessary to be careful because they have set a limited payment luggage range.) The weight of £ 50 is OK up to 6.5 or less, and the overlay of $ 60 to $ 200 is generated directly.
AIR TAHITI NUI www.airtahitinui.com 877-824-4846 free Weight 50 pounds or less Length 8.1 Free additional boards up to 1 board are required to be checked in advance
www.alaskaair.com 800-252-7522 Free / or charged by route Free if it is within the contract luggage range up to 2 boards on the surfboard back
American Airlines www.aa.com 800-433-7300 $150 Even if multiple surfboards are packed in one surfboard back, if the weight is 70 pounds or less, it will be counted as one surfboard. It is essential to be less than 126 inches in the United States, the first board is $ 42 and the second board is $ 85 international flights in advance.
AVIANCA www.avianca.com 800-284-2622 $125 Up to 3 boards per passenger, weighs 70 pounds or less to Costa Rica from Miami $ 100
Bahamas Air www.bahamasair.com 800-222-4262 Free / or charged by route It is accepted as a deposited baggage, but the international flight to 1 board/1 passenger is $ 75- $ 150 up to 100 pounds.
British Airways www.britishairways.com 800-247-9297 Free / or charged by route It is accepted as a entrusted baggage, but the board must be 6.6 or less. If the weight is over 50 pounds, $ 60- $ 200 will be generated
CATHAY PACIFIC www.cathaypacific.com 800-233-2742 The amount varies depending on the route Contact the airline directly for details that cost $ 150 or more
China Air www.china-airlines.com 800-227-5118 The amount varies depending on the route $ 85- $ 225 Depending on the weight and length
COPA www.copaair.com 800-359-2672 $75 2 boards per passenger to 1 surf back to Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Sanhose $ 50
Delta www.delta.com 800-221-1212 $150 The total weight of 2 boards/1 back is not accepted by 1115 inches or more of the total of 70 pounds or less.
EasyJet www.east.com/us +44330 3655454 $50-$60 $ 50 Online payment $ 60 Airport payment 70 pounds or less
Hawaiian Air www.hawaiianair.com 800-367-5320 $35 - $100 2017 Revised Hawaii $ 35/Bag Weight 50 or less Surfboard Number of Surfboards No Hawaii-The mainland of the United States $ 100/Back weight 50 Pounds or less is limited
Iberia www.iberia.com 800-772-4642 $150 1 Board / Passengers up to 8.2 feet maximum flight is required in advance at least 24 hours before the flight
Interjet (Mexico) www.interjet.com 866-285-9525 free Up to 11 pounds
Japan Airlines www.jal.com 800-525-3663 $200 See the top of 2 boards per back per back, see the top of the article
Jet Blue www.jetblue.com 800-538-2583 $50 The following flight up to 1 board back is not available for surfboard Flights to/from Bermuda, Haiti, PERU, Port of Spain, Santo Domingo and Santiago. Can't Be Over 100 Lbs.
Korean Air www.koreanair.com 800-438-5000 free Weight 50 pounds 9 feet $ 200 if the luggage exceeds the luggage
LAN www.lan.com 866-435-9526 free The total of 3 sides is 118 inches or less, up to 50 pounds $ 60- $ 195
LUFTHANSA www.lufthansa-usa.com 800-645-3880 free $ 150 if the length of 6.5 feet is 6.5 feet or less for free 24 hours before 24 hours before 24 hours ago.
Malaysian www.malaySiaairlines.com 800-552-9264 free 1 board/1 passenger up to 8 feet up to 8 feet luggage is overweight $ 15- $ 140 for every 6.5 pounds
Qantas www.qantas.com 800-227-4500 free Weight 70 pound length 9 feet Free excess is $ 135
Singapore www.singaporear.com 800-742-3333 free 1 board / 1 passenger $ 150- $ 225
South African Airlines www.flysaa.com 800-722-9675 free 1 board/1 passenger Free 6.5 feet or less of 50 pounds or less
SOUTHWEST www.southwest.com 800-435-9792 $75
Tap Portugal www.flytap.com 800-221-7370 The amount varies depending on the route Portugal's domestic flights are 6.5 feet or less for 50 euros international flights in advance by 100 euros telephone
Thai Airways www.thaiairways.com 800-426-5204 $60 - $119 9 feet below the board below $ 60 2 for $ 119 9 feet or more from the first piece to $ 119
United* www.united.com 800-864-8331 $150-$200 US Domestic, Puerto Rico, Version Islands (US territory) up to $ 150 $ 150 $ 200, $ 200 99 pounds or less
US Airways www.usairways.com 800-428-4322 $150 $ 150 per boat
Virgin Atlantic www.virgin- atlantic.com 800-862-8621 free 9 feet below the weight of 50 pounds free
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Asiana Airlines Asiana Airlines

Surfboard charge free of charge baggage rangeClick here for details * If the total of 3 sides is within 277 cm, the size is not charged and you can keep it, but you can not keep it exceeding 277cm.

Sri Lankan Airlines Sri Lankan Airlines

Surfboard charge freeHowever, of course, within the contract luggage range

Turkish Airlines Turkish Airlines

Surfboard charge freeWeigh up to 1 board within 10 kg(In 2014, $ 200 occurred)

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