Superhuman Kelly Slater has retired? Looking back on the trajectory

The superhuman Kelly Slater has posted on Instagram to suggest retirement.
"This is the last wave in Portugal the other day. The bank here was dangerous. In recent months, we've been inspired by a new generation on the tour, especially what John John achieved this year. Next year, I will finish it exactly, including the body, and take the last title challenge with Gachinko. After that, I will go on a journey to search for the best waves on the earth, until the last day I die, then I want to be a fertilizer in my garden, or make a diamond from my ash and hand it to my family. 。 And don't forget to drop some of the ash into the tube! "
Legend Kelly Slator that has the biggest influence in the history of surfing so far Let's look back on the trajectory of its success. Currently, Kelly is 45 years old in the 2017 season next year. Of course, the champion of this year's Chopoo will be the oldest champion in WCT history. ・ It has been shining with 11 degrees World Champ titles so far ・ 55 wins on CT tours ・ CT Tour The oldest championship 44 -year -old record holder ・ Among them, the title is maintained for the fifth consecutive year from 94-98 ・ Has the world title record at the same time at the youngest (20 years old) and the oldest (then 39) ・ Grasp as an artist (singer -songwriter) from Cocoa Beach in Florida ・ Famous for vegetarians FirewireOver 70%of all the largest shareholders (investors and owners)sauce  ・ OUTER KNOWN brand ownerClick here for detailed articles ・ GO PRO advisor and investor (partially owned shares from the time of unpacked, partially sold investor and advisor) ・ We are developing and managing new Wave Pool at Wave Pool (Kelly Slater Wave Company) released the other day.Click here for details ・ I made the first 540 to 720? Aerial in Portugal for the first time in Portugal It is a success that can only be said to be a superhuman just by roughly looking at it roughly. And it's amazing that even if you charge such a large wave so far, you will never have a serious serious injury. Even if you listen to your reputation at the tour destination, every local person
"Kelly is a really good person who is friendly and always responds to photography!"
I hear. It's really lonely that his appearance can no longer be seen from the tour, but there is no doubt that a great battle will be in 2017! It is inevitable that you will be lacking in sleep on the WSL web broadcast! First of all, keep an eye on this year's final pipe! The King, Kelly Slater After Kelly, The Shall Be No More. Related article King Kelly Slator, a surfing of 44 years old, is the career in many directions? Announced on Instagram that Kellytarer has developed the world's best wavy pool Curtive event is a charity event where you can win a lottery with Kelly Slater and Shadrian to Fiji! The apparel brand OUTERKNOWN launched by Kelly Tarter

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