Shopify X Subsqu X Health Foods (Supplements)

by Toyo Hirashima

Last time, I introduced it in SHOPIFY Subsque X Protein, but this time I would like to introduce examples of SHOPIFY Subsque X Health Foods (Supplements).

1. Gold gym

GO SUB Is usingGold Gym


There are many high -quality supplements that support hard training.

2. Lypo c

Lipo capsule vitamin C


It seems that Minami Tanaka can efficiently absorb LYPO C vitamin C with a strong image. The taste is quite unique, but it is a very popular supplement for women.

3. Friendly Health Club

Colorful sites are very cute


It seems that Umami Supplement for Bush PEOPLE EVERYWHERE is being made as a mission.

Focusing on Wellness and stress management, Umami is provided as healthy soup.

4. Fitness shop

For fitness shops regular flights that have a wide range of products from apparel to gym equipmentGO SUB We are using.


It boasts a selection of gym equipment that is more than this.

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