Shopify Reunite 2020: Introducing new features !!

by Hajime Ozawa

We will summarize the full Shopify Reunite, which was distributed live on May 21, 2020, Japan time, and report it in a live commentary. I hope you read this article, such as those who have missed it or who did not understand the contents!

What is Shopify Reunite?

At the conference held in Canada every year, a new feature of SHOPIFY will be announced. Attention to SHOPIFY, which has been introduced by more than 1 million stores around 175 countries around the world, is increasing year by year, and it is difficult to obtain participating tickets. In 2020, it was temporarily canceled due to the influence of the new Corona, but many announcements were made for the first time online.

First of all, greetings from SHOPIFY founder Tobias Lütkey

Tobias Lütkey (Founder CEO)

At present, I think that people around the world are facing various events and difficulties due to the influence of the new colon virus. However, in any situation, smart entrepreneurs can find opportunities for their shops to improve in various ways. I want you to remember this. Today, I would like to introduce new features of SHOPIFY.

E -commerce trend

CRAIG MILLER (CHIEF PRODUCT Officer) & Vanessa Lee (Ecosystem Product Director)

At present, the online shopping population is increasing rapidly. For example, Lee (right in the photo) does not go to a supermarket for about eight weeks, but order food online and pick it up in front of the supermarket. It seems that the nearby supermarket has recently launched a SHOPIFY online store. Products that have not been sold online until now are now on sale. ( * In SHOPIFY, new purchase increased by 45 %) As a resultThere is a chance to increase new consumers, not just repeatersI understand that. We will continue to send out the changing trendy insights.

Shopify Capital & Installments

MICHELLE TAMPOYA (Senior Product Marketing Manager)

SHOPIFY CAPITAL (for the United States, Canada, UK)

Many merchant needs money to buy and market. It takes time to raise funds in a conventional way. In Shopify Capital, you do not need to submit a huge amount of documents or credit history so that you can provide the loan most quickly. You don't have to listen because Shopify already knows the status of the store. The funds areYou can apply from $ 200 to $ 1 million at the topIf it is approved by the performance of the Shopify store,Cash will be transferred in a few days at the earliest。 We will add 200 million dollars to this program in the future, but we have already made a $ 1 billion loan.

Installments (scheduled to appear in the second half of this year in the United States)

Prosanant has to rely on consumer spending, but consumer economic problems are also noticeable. As a solution, we are introducing installments. Installments is a new feature of SHOP Pay (40 million users worldwide, 4 times the check -out than usual, doubled conversion rate), not only in bulk.Insulation payment is possibleIt is something to do. It will be divided into four times and will be able to pay over 4 months. (Payment of $ 400 is $ 100 per month)

The advantage for consumers isThere is no split fee or interestabout it. In addition, for merchant, more consumers who purchase multiple products together have increased.The conversion rate increasesI can expect that.

Express Theme, Tipping & Cross Border Sales

AGATHA KRAJEWSKI (Online Product Director)

Express Theme (already available worldwide)

For example, suppose your business is a restaurant or coffee shop. The business stopped because of the corona virus, and the business stopped. For the store that has been involved in such a situation, a new SHOPIFY theme "Express" has been released. Just lined last week,Theme that can quickly make an online storeis. All information in the store (about page and shopping page)It is suitable for smartphones because it can be displayed on one page and can be seen by scrolling the user.。 Very simple and easy.

By the way, this gift card is not a new function,If you have a SHOPIFY account, you can use it with all plansIt has come.

Tipping (already available worldwide)

The tipping (chip function) that I launched this week.Consumers can select chips on the checkout pageIt will be. In addition, this function is named TipPing, but you can change the name and expression, such as "donation" and "supporting the store".

Cross-Border (scheduled to be released in the second half of this year)

Even if you do not make the store for different countries, currency, and language, you do not have to make it according to each countryManage products and inventory in one store, optimize domains, currency, and languages ​​for each countryYou will be able to do it. For example, suppose you are a French French person and want to buy a product on an American site. If you adapt to this feature, if you search for the store in France, it has changed to French. The currency has also changed to the euro. This setting can be set on the Domain page.

If a consumer purchases a product in the euro, it will be deducted by the euro, but if the merchant is American -based, the merchant can receive payments in USD.It is automatically converted to dollars, so there is no need to change currency. It is converted to a exchange rate at the time of purchase using the automatic conversion rate. I think this is good for small and medium -sized businesses. Also, in the latter half of this year, if the custom conversion rate is available in SHOPIFY, you can decide the exchange rate by your company.

The New Editor (scheduled to be released this year)

We are focusing on customization and personalization. In the New Editor, as it was made by drag and drop customization of the top page.Collections and product pages can be easily edited, such as adding sections and adding videos.It will be.

Subscription, UPSELL & CROSSSELL (scheduled to be released this year)

Not the appYou can subscribe to specific products with nativeIt will be. again,Upsel, cross cell by check -outYou will be able to recommend another product.

Shopify Point of Sales, Google, Facebook & Instagram, Ping Teams, Shop Channel (Shop App)


Who imagined that half of the retail stores would be closed? Sales of SHOPIFY POS dropped to 71 % in six weeks from March 31. However, in the meantime, 94 % of salesWe moved to the online store and were able to adapt rapidly.This is the power of Shopify's multi -channel.

The design of SHOPIFY POS has been renewed as a whole. Because the growth rate of the global economy has slowed in the Coronovirus situation, the store's functions are gradually upgraded, trying out what has never been tried, and staff training gradually. It is a good timing to improve.

As you can see, the design is completely different from the past POS. (Dark mode,Customization and application can be added with smart grid)here,Staff authority managementIt is very convenient because it is easy to set. Also, according to the current Coronovirus situation,Store pickups and curve side pickupsYou can manage various ways to deliver various products.

After setting the location and inventory in POS, for consumers who want Store Pickup or Curbside Pickup, on the online store product pageConfirmation of how much product stock is available on the check -out screencan.

others,In QR code check -out allows consumers to purchase products safely。 For example, if you do not buy in SHOPIFY in advance, the staff will display the QR code of the product in POS, and if the consumer scans a smartphone, you can access the SHOPIFY store product check -out page.

Even if consumers don't actually enter the actual store, in the carYou can purchase products safely without contact。 In addition, TAP & CHIP READER was originally possible to use only in the United States, but is currently made globally. as a side note,Shopify Pro is completely free until October this yearis. Why don't you try it?

Google (Google Shopping is currently only in the United States, planning a launch around the world in the second half of this year)

Originally, Google Shopping was a place to listen in advertising, but recently in relevant search keywords.Free listing functionIs also started. This free listingYou can easily synchronize, distribute, and optimize by using SHOPIFY's Google Shopping AppIt has come.

Facebook & Instagram (Facebook Shops has been released)
Announced this weekIn cooperation between Facebook and Instagram, a mini -version online store linked to the SHOPIFY storeCan be made.

Shopify Email (already available worldwide)

Building a relationship with repeater customers is the most important thing. SHOPIFY EMAIL, which has recently appeared, has found that 30 million has been sent to customers.New customization and automation are now available. Completely free until October this yearis.

Ping Teams (currently provided in English only)

Ping Teams is to communicate faster with consumersChat toolis. again,You can also see conversations between other staff members and consumers, and talks between staff.。 Until now, it was compatible with iPhone and iPad, but Android is also supported. It will be possible on the web this year.

Shop Channel (currently only English version only)

"SHOP" is a personal shopping assistant app already used by 16 million people. This app isApps that combine seamless tracking systems, SHOP Pay's speedy payment, and communication with customersis. In the new function SHOP CHANNEL, you can set the brand explanation with the app.Adjustment of customization of brand information with SHOP profile and when and where to displayIs possible. It is a powerful service that connects the merchant and the customer.

The SHOP app allows consumers to see the stores you have shopping in the past or set your favorite stores. So, the good thing about SHOP apps for merchant isIncreases the probability of consumers becoming a repeaterThat is. Please try by all means try!

New back Office Feature & New Order Index

New Back Office Feature (scheduled to be released later this year)

Product registration is the part where many merchants are spending time.Upload more product information from your smartphone to create a product pagecan do. In addition, the new features scheduled to be released in the latter half of this year will be able to save the product by draft, confirm it, and then publish it.

New Order Index (already available worldwide. Updates at any time)

The order page is the most viewed page of merchant, with 1.1 billion views in 2019. This time, even if you don't go to the details pageYou can see more information in the order listI am improving it like.

The ordering function has also been released.You can receive inventory with your smartphone when purchasingI did.

The inventory report function provides deeper insights regarding existing inventory.It is decided at an early stage to see when the merchandise to place an additional inventory.It helps to do it. In addition, consumers give productsIf you return, you can track the product in real time。 With such an inventory function, you can grasp the accurate number of inventory.

Local Shipping & Local Pickup

LOCAL PICKUP (already available worldwide. Updates at any time)

Local orders have increased by 176 % compared to six weeks from mid -March this year compared to the six weeks before. SHOPIFY has a curved side pickup (local pickup), and it is currently available for more than 20 stores. A few weeks later, the functions will increase. for example,Add the settings of the desired date and time of consumers and notifications at the time of arrivalIt's a schedule. This feature does not generate consumer waiting time.

Local Delivery

Local Delivery, a new feature,Set a certain distance from the postal code in the area that can be delivered and the shipping sourceYou can limit the area where you can purchase products. In the store settingSet the area limit and set the delivery fee and the minimum order price。 Management is easier, and it can be managed in the POS, mobile app and management screen.

Consumers are hereDelivery memoYou can also attach it. (Example: Please smell in front of the door, etc.)

againLocal Delivery appIt was also released. This can also be used on mobile.

Shopify Fulfillment Network & Chuck

Shopify Fulfillment Network (not landed in Japan)

What is SHOPIFY Full Fillment Network?SHOPIFY -provided services that provide products quickly to consumers around the world within 2 daysis. Some merchant already introduced.

Control the branding of shipping data and boxes and bundled itemscan.

Collaborator robot "CHUCK"

In addition, robots called "CHUCK" have improved work efficiency in the warehouse, reduced walking by 50%, and reduced heavy carts that lead to employee injuries. Consumers provide faster and cheaper shipments with such technologies.

Others, about SHOPIFY performance.Store speed, image display speed optimization, etc.For the infrastructure of SHOPIFY, you can benefit for free. Also, online store that handles all themesRebuilding the engine, implemented in several SHOPIFY PLUS merchant companies, improving the loading timeit was done. It will be implemented naturally for free in the future.

Online Store Performance Dashboard (released soon)

Check the time site performance and data processingcan. You can also check the introduction of the theme, installed, and update.


SHOPIFY BALANCE (only in the United States this year.

The most important part of doing business is banking and financial services. The currently existing banking products are made to major companies, and I don't think they can reach the fast pace of entrepreneurs and small businesses. So, I would like to introduce SHOPIFY BALANCE.

Shopify Balance is a business account built for independent companies and entrepreneurs.。 ProsPayment of invoices, expenses managementYou can do etc. Setup is also very easy. There is no need to maintain a fee or minimal balance. Shopify Balance Card has arrived at SHOPIFY merchantYou can borrow from ATMs, cards, online, or mobile cardsCan be used. Cashbacks and partner discounts will also be provided as a reward for SHOPIFY Marta.

Message from chief Operating Officer Harley Finkelstein

Finally, I always longed for an entrepreneur. My family and myself are entrepreneurs. And now I have been living in SHOPIFY, which started with a small startup, to support entrepreneurs around the world. At the beginning of the company, it was 1 million, which was 20,000 Merchant. Our significance of our company is "Make Commerce Better for Everyone". I think there are various happy events for entrepreneurs. However, there are many things that do not work, and I think that sometimes I feel lonely. I want you to remember that SHOPIFY is always by you, at any time. For me, this community is a big family. I would like to thank everyone, partner, and purchased at SHOPIFY.


Due to the influence of corona virus, online shopping has increased, and SHOPIFY introduced various new features and services. There are some tools that have not yet been released in Japan, but SHOPIFY is working hard to deliver it to the world's users. From now on, let's do our best without giving up!

It is released on SHOPIFY official YouTube. (Japanese subtitles available/1.5h)


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