Selected by SHOPIFY expert, 7 sports EC sites built in SHOPIFY

by Tomoe Onishi
Introducing 7 site selection of Select EC, a sports brand built in SHOPIFY. For overseas sites, we select companies that are known in Japan, so please take a look!

1. ALO / Yoga wear

Yoga wear brand born in Los Angeles in 2007. Matches of color pallets and items to be worn, with accent color pink scattered everywhere, giving a sense of unity on the entire site. We have introduced a trendy UGC app, allowing you to purchase products from the post of influencer on the feed.

2. HURLEY / Surf brand

HURLEY, a comprehensive lifestyle brand, including music and art, not only by surf. It adopts a method that makes the Women category independent, and has a recommendation item, IG feed, etc. for each MEN/WOMEN. It is also a merit of SHOPIFY that this method can be taken depending on the gender ratio of the target. It can be said that it is helpful for unisex brands and stores.

3. CHUMS / Outdoor brand

Chums is developed in a wide lineup from clothing to accessories. The complicated category is clearly summarized, and dozens of variations are shown in a swatch that can be identified.

4. Merrell / Outdoor brand

Merrell, an outdoor brand in the United States, which is used in the world. The brand color is mainly located, a refreshing layout, simple but familiar UI and design are properly localized for Japan.

5. Gymshark / fitness apparel brand

Gymshark, a fitness brand from the UK. With a minimal configuration using visual main and minimum content, the flow to the check -out screen is maximized.
It is designed to put a basket in the size selected from the product list, and emphasizes usability thoroughly.

6. Hanon / sneaker shop

Scottish sneaker shop. A dynamic design like watching the showcase at the store. The first view of the product page is shown in a full screen, and the necessary information and details are properly organized. The countdown function to the start of the lottery is also excellent, and you will just check other products and visit many times.

7. DOUBLE EAGLE / Golf Wear / Goods Select Shop

High -end golf item select shop. Colors and fonts are simple but effective, but they are finished in a stylish design that matches the concept.
Store construction, photo direction, shootingWas responded.
How did you do it? It was seven EC sites that were not only in the sports industry but also for apparel EC! Please take a look.

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