[Recruitment is being strengthened! ] Recruitment of those who want to work in the trendy EC industry and want to be widely used in global environments

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Go Ride is currently enhancing its recruitment as business expansion. I will introduce in detail which of the company and who are recruiting. For those who want to be active in the web industry, and those who want to be involved in a wide range of work in a global environment, we will introduce Go Ride!

What kind of company is Go Ride, which is currently expanding its business?

We will send you what kind of position you are actually looking for!

If you want to see in detail about the type of jobHere

What kind of company is Go Ride?

Go Ride is based in Yokohama and Minato Mirai and Los Angeles in the United States.
It is a long -term partner company for client success, including not only building EC sites but also marketing and operation after release.

Nevertheless, I think it is still hard to make an image, so I will talk in detail in the future.


1.The Sky Is the Limit
Realize imagined thoughts that believe in infinite possibilities
Boldly challenge the team and create a future that is not today
3. Create LifeStyle You Love
Let's create a rich life for each Rich at Heart

Go Ride uses the above as a philosophy and action guideline.

As the business environment changes, we will continue to change and challenge.

The company itself values ​​to realize a rich life, including lifestyle.

Business content

Go Ride has a wide range of cross -border businesses, which are not bound by Japan, from EC construction to operations, application development, and digital marketing using a platform called SHOPIFY.

The main business of Go Ride is as follows.

  • Web service management
  • Corporate site production
  • EC site production
  • EC site management support
  • Overseas companies advance to Japan
  • North American market expanding project consulting for domestic companies
* The EC site here is mainly about SHOPIFY.

By the way, do you know "SHOPIFY"?

For those who are not very familiar, I will explain Shopify in detail for those who are already knowing and interested.

What is SHOPIFY?

ShopifyThat is, the EC platform is a mechanism that realizes the "company EC".

Since the service started in 2006, SHOPIFY has been growing, and in North America, the total distribution in the EC field is second after Amazon.

In using such SHOPIFY, what is very different from others as our own EC platform."Scalability"is.

SHOPIFY can easily expand the missing functions with the application!

By mastering the application function, you can independently the world view and expression of your site. However, "mastering" requires certain training and knowledge.

At that time"Certified partner system" certified by SHOPIFYThere is something.

In the "Certified Partner System","SHOPIFY partner", "Shopify Expert", "SHOPIFY PLUS Partner"There is a partner program.

We go ride from more than 1,000 companies, saying that in November 2021, we had many EC sites building support for overseas expansion and overseas expansion."Shopify Partner of the Year 2021"Was elected!

One month laterGo Ride has been certified as "SHOPIFY PLUS PARTNER".

Currently among more than 1,000 partner companies in Japan
Only 13 companies are certified by this Shopify Plus Partner.
(It is a number as of December 28, 2021.)

By being certified by Shopify Plus
Maternity requests for a wide range of construction and customization,It is now possible to provide larger development services!

Because of this situation, we are looking for members walking together as we continue to expand our business.

The examples of the production and support so farHerePlease see from

If you want to know the detailed recruitment guidelinesHerePlease see from

Office environment

We are both Flexible offices in both Yokohama and Los Angeles"We work"I am based on.

In addition, since the remote and flex system has been introduced, it is easy to work on online and offline, and even those who have children and have restrictions on work!

By the way, the office relocated to a new office in December 2021, and the floor has become wider, so the communication in the company has become more smooth!

Detailed office information is introduced in the following article!

I moved to the new office. ~ Move on to the next ride ~

Characteristics of members

What are the members of Go Ride?

I will explain the characteristics of the members with three keywords.

1. Multic and global

The members are composed of multinational members for both Japan and the US base.

In -house language is mainly Japanese and English!

There is a variety and the background is different, so the communication between the members blooms in the story.

Many employees are bilinguals who are good at conversation in English and employees who are attracted to being a global environment.

If you want to work in English, or if you are interested in a global environment, you have a chance to be active in Go Ride.

2. People who want to be involved in a wide range of work

Go Ride is a few elite teams, and can support the entire business through EC construction, operation, and digital marketing.

So, I think that there are many members who are interested in SHOPIFY and EC sites, those who want to be involved in digital marketing, project management, and those who want to challenge.

3. The members have a wide range of hobbies

Here are some of the unique hobbies of the members!

    • surfing
    • Speaking of Kanagawa prefecture. Several others are surfers!
    • camera
    • I think it would be fun to shoot if you could shoot, images, and videos when creating an EC site!
    • Ice hockey
    • Famous sports in the United States! It is a hobby that seems to be a member living in the United States!
    • sake
    • How many are alcohol? Go Ride has many members who like wine, sake, beer, whiskey, etc.! By the way, we work can drink beer after the evening, so if you like alcohol, why not come together?
    • fishing
    • Yokohama is right in the sea, so why not live around Yokohama, such as fishing?
    • Outdoor/exercise
      • There are many members of the hobby that the body moves! Surprisingly, there are many female members.

The hobbies introduced this time will be only a part!
There is a lot of sports.
There are many other members who have an interesting hobby, so be sure to join the company and have a hobby together.
How about sharing?

[Regular lunch party]
At Go Ride, all members have lunch once every two weeks.
There is an opportunity to be called "Company Lunch".

At the company lunch on December 24, 2021, Christmas was sometimes called a cafe on the sea side of Minato Mirai and enjoyed the course dish while drinking!

Here you can deepen your relationship with all the members while having a fun meal.

Suddenly it will be my story here,
I myself have been joining the company for less than two months, but I feel attractive to the ease of speech, such as being kind, asking questions that I don't understand, and I'm excited about conversations without love.

In terms of work, I can do not only specialized occupations but also comprehensively, so I often study every day and feel that a day has passed in no time. smile

In addition, the office seats are free addresses and shared offices, so I think that it is attractive to be able to work while changing the work space. I'm just joining the company, but I'm looking forward to the number of members who can work together!

About recruitment occupation

Work style / lifestyle

So far, I've been telling you about the charm of Go Ride,
I will tell you about job types and how to work.

“Work as Life”

Go Ride aims to work together to create a lifestyle!
Our representatives are surfing because their hobbies are surfing, and female directors raises two children while raising two children from home.
It is an environment where you can cherish private time!

Recruitment occupation

And finally, information about each position I've been talking about!

    • Account Manager/Director
        We are looking for account managers who are in charge of smooth communication with the progress of the project and the client and production staff.
    • Web designer
        We are looking for designers who can be in charge of creative design and web design.
    • Digital marketer
        We are looking for digital marketers that operate Google Ads / Facebook Ads / Instagram ADS.
    • engineer
        We are looking for engineers who develop SHOPIFY themes and app development.
    • Human Resources/Public Relations
        We are looking for recruitment, public relations strategy proposals, human resources, recruitment, and public relations.
    • Admin Director
        As a manager, we will enhance financial accounting and financial base and improve business efficiency.
    • Back office/account manager assistance
        We are looking for back offices that can be widely used, from general office work to accounting, general affairs, and assistance in account managers.

      • Account Manager/Director
          We are looking for account managers who are in charge of smooth communication with the progress of the project and the client and production staff.
      • Office manager
          We are looking for a US office manager that manages members, managing clients, and managing advertising operation.

      • We are looking forward to the application of members who will lead the merchant's business together as a SHOPIFY PLUS PARTNER in these positions!

      • Let's go ride !!

Detailed recruitment guidelines and applicationsHereAnd you can see it


One -stop offered from EC construction to advertising operation.