Quick Pro France Quick Pro France 2015 Hoseego

Source: 1 year ago GREG MENAGOR This clip summarizes the 2014 quick profile. It is very exotic. France is Beach Town Hosego (Click here for articles about JosegoJOHN JOHN FLORENCE won Jason Andre in the Quick Pro France last year, which will be held at the end of the vacation season, with a god -like wave choice and a wonderful barrel ride (passing through the tube). Last year, I was able to see it directly on site, but it was definitely a wonderful semi -final and final in a close -out condition with a general surfer. (Especially I want you to see the area around 1:35, the 8,9 waves of 10 waves were like this kind of harmful damper). Quick Pro Quick Pro will be held on October 6-17 this year as well, but the forecast will be the Atlantic swell as last year and will be a massive condition. Popular free surfer Dane Reynolds will also be participating, and this year will be a festival that will color the end of the French vacation season.

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