Point app linked to SHOPIFY POS

by Miho Kumagai

There are many people who are doing business on real stores and online stores, both channels. Many people would like to be able to link not only sales management and product inventory management with omni -channel but also point programs.

In this article, we will introduce a point app that is linked to SHOPIFY POS recommended for such people. Increase touch points with customers, such as pop -ups, permanent stores, and online shops, and encourage more new customers to repeater customers.

1.Shopify POS Goodness -Operation

If the POS and online store used in actual stores use a separate system, all of the following items will be registered separately in the operation side. It takes twice as long to support different management screens and different formats. Also, if you try to centrally manage information with different systems, you will be charged for system cooperation.

  • Product registration
  • Inventory registration
  • sales management
  • Customer management
  • Point management
  • analysis
  • Accounting cooperation

This is,The actual store is SHOPIFYPOS, the online store is ShopifyBy using, it is almost complete with one registration and one management screen! You can significantly improve your work efficiency, and it's not expensive.

Those who have a SHOPIFY store and have introduced POS
You can use SHOPIFY POS in the current plan, so we recommend that you use it once. Very easy!

Those who have a SHOPIFY store and use other POS systems:
Switching familiar POS, such as Smagger, POS+(Posus), and Air Regarding, is quite a hurdle. However, there is also the merit that you can reduce work and reduce costs by setting SHOPIFY POS. After comparing the functions, if the current POS is better, it is possible to propose a cooperation with SHOPIFY, so please consult once.

If you have to use the specified POS cash register, such as department stores and SCs, you can use Shopifypos for points.

Those who do not have a Shopify store or those who are considering renewing to Shopify:
By renewing to SHOPIFY, it is likely to be an omni -channel and become two birds with one stone. Please contact us once!

About the functions and costs of SHOPIFY POSSHOPIFY official websitePlease confirm.

2.Shopify POS Goodness -Customer Experience

It has a merit not only for merchant's operation but also for customers. Since the data of actual stores and online shops is centrally managed, you can check the purchase history of when, where and what products you bought on My Page.

Also, if you go to the actual store but have no stock and have stock in the online shop, you can easily deliver it from an online shop to your home, and on the contrary, there is no stock in the online shop. Even if the store is in stock, it is easy to store the store or deliver from the store.

Furthermore, if the point program is linked, you can accumulate points in real stores and online shops, and you can use points. It is a nice service for repeater customers with high brand royalties, and is effective as a measure to increase those customers.

3. Recommended point program app

There are several point program apps that can be used in both Shopifypos and SHOPIFY. I will briefly explain the recommended apps and their characteristics. Based on a more detailed verification data, we also recommend it according to the request of the merchant. (Information will be as of October 2020.)

Easy Points

Currently the only Japanese management screen. You can simply set points according to the purchase price, and there is no problem with the yen. Recommended for those who are sufficient for new membership registration, birthday points, etc.! There is currently no member rank.


Although it is an English management screen, the customer display screen can be translated into Japanese. 100 yen = 〇〇 points are possible. (In other apps, it is made of dollar concept, and may only be supported by 1 yen = 〇〇 point.) The management screen is English, but it can be set intuitively. There are many options for points and use. It also has a member rank and is recommended for those who wish to have advanced services. YOTPO, famous for the review app, is the developer, and it is possible to link with points in the review.


Like Swell, Stamped.io, famous for the review app, is the developer. Although it is an English management screen, the customer display screen can be translated into Japanese. The monthly fee is relatively conscientious without any problems.


BoldSmileLoyalty LionIt is also a relief developer and is used in many Shopify stores. Although it is an English management screen, the customer display screen isAlmost almost almostIt can be translated into Japanese.

4. How to decide a point program TIPS

Once you decide, we recommend that you choose a point program that will be long dating. Here are some Tips from the experience of actually introducing a point app at the SHOPIFY store, so please refer to it.

✔︎Reliable developer?
Be careful if you have too few reviews or have no examples. Let's check the developer properly.

✔︎ Is support kind and fast?
In the case of overseas developers, there are hurdles such as slow support due to time difference or not in Japanese. It is best to support you immediately if you have any questions about your inquiry.

✔Is the function enough?
I think it is better to look at the settings for language, currency, members rank, etc., given points, and points use rules in a few years.

What did you think? I would be grateful if it was a hint to start an omni -channel business with a point program with SHOPIFY POS. With Go Ride, you can make proposals according to your business, based on the implementation experience of the above -mentioned point apps. Please feel free to contact us.

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