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Official site: Pension Third Place 0475-36-2454 A comfortable surf house is born in Chiba! This fashionable surf house that has been open from July last year! When I wanted to go home again tomorrow morning, I called and stayed and stayed, but it was the most comfortable! Overseas, I often stayed at such a type of surf hostel, but in Japan it is usually a guest house. In Japan, you can relax, you can do BBQ, there is an open space, you can relax and interact. I thought it would be nice to have such a type of surf house and surf hostel! That is Chiba's third place!

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The third place video was added, so I'll post it But here in Chiba's third place, BBQ can be made in the garden and there is a space that can be relaxed on the terrace and living room, so it seems to be very calm. In addition, the room is on the second floor and the view is good! This wooden deck is the best! Third-Place-11 Spirit only for guestsBarbecue planIt seems to be provided! Third-Place-BBQ And the interior is very fashionable! The ceiling is high, there is a sense of openness, the music is flowing, and the atmosphere is good! The sofa in the back can be exquisitely relaxed. (It's a secret, but there was a manga ...) Third-Place-5There is also a surf shop, so it is safe to replace wax and leash! It seems to be too convenient because you can also accept board repair! Third-Place-4 Third-Place-8 It is helpful to be sober and thankful that it is installed in this vending machine in the hallway. After all, the convenience store is far away, so after you get tired of surfing, you want to push quickly when you take a bath. Third-Place-Room HiRD-Place-Sink The room is simple and beautiful! It is clean, the point is that the washroom and toilet are indoors in the private room!

Cospa is also good!

Price listThere is, but 3500-4400 yen It is no different from the average guest house market! ! I think this price is amazing in such a facility! SCREEN-SHOT-2016-09-21-AT-2-58-40-PM It's a good place, but there is only one trap! ! !

That's access! It's especially hard to find at night! ! !

The entrance is located in a place that is often overlooked. This sign is a landmark. Third-Place-1 So, this path from this signboard Third-Place-2 It's a large SUV to go straight to this What if it is really fine after this? I don't like the place where the parking is Oniya and I can't even use a U -turn!

I don't want to rub a car!

You may feel uneasy for a moment,Not to worry! This narrow road can be stopped with confidence because it is wide and large if you pass it in an instant.


Parking-Third-Place It's so large. What a 90 cars! Moreover, it is easy to change clothes because it is beautifully paved. Parking alone can be used for 500 yen a day. And it's OK to use a water shower that goes outside !! Women and winter surfing can be used for a fee for a charged shower for a fee. For detailed information such as chargesHere It is a wonderful parking that you can not imagine from the photo of the previous one. To be honest, I wanted you to advertise more here .... It was a night, so I thought about 2 minutes to see if I would enter here near the entrance of the photo above ... Park in the parking lot of the next restaurant, "Well, isn't it here?" Below this road? Can you really stop? I thought that .... Chiba has many narrow roads, so I wonder what to do if it is a hell end that can not be used ... Third-Place-7 When I went there, the narrow road was instantly, and I was relieved when I reached this scenery lol

Design to reach the itching of the surfers

As you can see, the conductors are designed so that the surfer is really easy to use. There are toilets that can be accessed from the outside, there are places to hang wet, external shower & hot water paid shower .... Third-Place-12 Third-Place-13 And since the tennis court is next to me, it might be a good idea to chill with tennis on those who came with a family or on days when there were no waves. Overseas, table tennis stands are often placed and table tennis is uselessly good, but I saw a tennis court for the first time! It is safe to come with a non -surfer family! %E3%83%86%86%E3%83%83%82%82%B9%E3%E3%82%E3%E3%E3%BC%E3%83%88 It looks like I'm doing yoga classes Third-Place-Yoga What surprised me a little was that the locker room was a separate building, This means that the train surfer can surf and surf! I was surprised that there was a person here by train! If you are such a personGo Ride I hope you can find your opponent. Third-Place-10 There are also surf schools and surf lessons by Izuki Tanaka (IZUKI TANAKA) professional. Click here for details SCREEN-SHOT-2016-09-21-AT-34-48-PM By the way, the place is here near the Namigami Namemi beach of MILES STATION. It is a 3 -minute walk to Higashi Nami Mi. Third-Place-9 Google -sensei doesn't lie, after all high rating. SCREEN-SHOT-2016-09-21-AT-22-31-PM I didn't know such a good place so far, and I felt like I lost it. The facilities are too plenty and the article itself has become an oversized issue. And one thing I think ..... Please advertise more -the signboard makes it easier to understand ~ I can't imagine that such a splendid building will come out from this sign and a narrow alley ~ So, Chiba's third place is highly recommended! It seems that golfers and anglers are also welcome ~ Third-Place-3 0475-36-2454 MADOKA BUS3

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