[OVERSEAS SURF TRIP] Recommendation for overseas surf lips

As surfing population continues to increase around the world, one theory is said to have more surfers in 1 million units of the world. With the economic development, I think that it is a major factor that people in developing countries that have not been able to surf until now are often purchased by cars and often go to the coast from inland urban areas. If you haven't done so much overseas trips yet, or want to go, here's what you want to experience when you go to the overseas surf lip.

7. Clean the gear (board, Leashe) as soon as possible

Img_3585 When riding a powerful wave, we recommend that you use a thick and new one for large waves and a new one. I don't want to imagine that the outer leaf will be broken.

6. Look at the local entry method and enter

DSCN7295 Las Flores, El Salvador
Many overseas leaf breaks and point breaks have channels and current, and sometimes inside and intense shore breaks are exploding. Local is a matter of course, but I surf at the point every day, so I understand how to enter to safe rising, so let's look at their actions before entry. If you still don't know, it's better to listen aggressively, surely tell you kindly.

5. Make friends with local

Local-Sayulita SAYULITA, Mexico.
Even if you go to surf lips with your Japanese friends, you can get a unique experience of surf lips if you become a local local. If you respect local and surf and become friends, you can give up the waves, and of course you can get closer to local life and have an interesting experience. You can enjoy the diet and religion slightly different values.

4. Try local food local food

Img_9083 Mexico SayUlita
You can get as many Japanese foods in urban and California like Bali, but that is not interesting. Let's actively try local food. The friendship with the local will deepen.

3. Participate in local parties and events

Sunday Funday Sunday Funday in Nicaragua Nicaragua Party Sunday Funday
Let's participate in a party where local people gather. Tomorrow is a chance if you think the waves are not good. There may be unexpected encounters.

2. Let's get along with the local opposite sex

EVELINA and Frida Puerto Escondido, Mexico
Encounter with the opposite sex in an unknown land is exotic. Most of the encounters with people who don't meet for the rest of the life, as they are on the surf lip. Let's enjoy the encounter of a once -in -a -lifetime chance. Let's talk dignifiedly. You ONLY LIVE ONCE.

1. Get along with other traveler surfers

Chess Time La Ticla, Mexico.
Surfers gather from all over the world to famous surf points. You can make friends with the people who live behind the earth. It is highly recommended because there are more opportunities to act together. Let's help each other and adventure. Find a good inn using Trip Advisor.

0. Ride the best waves

Cropped-Karla-PARTY-WAVE-1024X348 Lembongan Island, Bali, Indonesia
Create a lifetime memory. Then a good trip!

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