Not just Sexy! Ellie Jean Coffee is a top rider

El Jean Copofy Many people did not know in Japan? Currently she is 44th in the WSL (it was 24th when the Instagram exploded) SCREEN-SHOT-2016-10-13-AT-18-38-41 And it is a 20 -year -old pit pichichal (dead language). By the way, how amazing this is, Nao Omura, who has recently been mentioned in Japanese media, is currently ranked 46th in the 50th place. SCREEN-SHOT -2016-10-13-AT-19-05-15 SCREEN-SHOT -2016-10-13-AT-19-05-29 This Instagram was broken and was taken up in the media at once.

Little Bit of Surf Training on the @obfiveSkateboards This afternoon Snapchat: ElliejEANCOFFEY

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Yes, as you can see, the breasts are exploding! It's a foul ... this destructive power ... Other than this, her Instagram is full of sexy shots. There are many photogenic things about beach life.

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LATEST YouTube VLOG IS UP !!! Link in Bio- Leave a Comment?

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However, there is a wsl rank 44th place surfing ability. Riding on a snapper lock ...


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Whether you will be a free surfer who will leave videos in the future, or aim for a CT, or even strengthen your activities as a model, keep an eye on Australian Newcomer.

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