Non -Weat Ice Latte in Seven -Eleven is surprisingly high quality

I don't know much about coffee, but I drink a few cups a day.

This is an introduction because there was a hit in myself recently.

Review of convenience store products ...
There's a wife there! Please try it! To be honest, I didn't like convenience store coffee so far, so I often feel that it is quite tight if it's black in the first place, so I often drink cafe latte, but I like cans and convenience store cafes so far. Was not.

In the meantime, I have come across a product that seems to be "Oh ..... This is!"

This non -wheat cafe latte sold at Seven -Eleven,

Ice coffee is a different machine.

By the way, no Seven -Eleven has this machine, depending on the location.

In the past, suburban stores are more likely to have a cafe latte -only machine.

I'm disappointed if I don't want to drink honestly.

It is a good price of 250 yen per size in L size.

If you add a little, you'll be Starbucks.

However, it was a non -wheat, so it was refreshing and still delicious ...

I wonder if this is 250 yen.

The Seven Cafe Latte is a black box as shown below and already syrup from the beginning? It was sweet like that, and the machine was the same as iced coffee and I couldn't like it in the form of putting iced coffee in a latte box.


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