Nimbin Harvest Festival Fes (Mardigrass) Report

Long time no see.Madokais!

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This year again, the annual festival in Nimbin, Australia,

Mardigrass (harvest festival)

It looks like it was held. Last time, an article about the town of Nimbin Madoka's report This is Hippy Town Nimbin (Nimbin) Australia I went to this festival last year, so I will upload it! ! ! Go ~~~~~~ !! Olympus Digital Camera Run on this road and arrive! Nimbin, which is usually quiet, gathers from various places every year every year. Olympus Digital Camera ?!?!?!?! ?!?! Those who wore green colors here and there! Olympus Digital Camera ?!?!?!?!? Olympus Digital Camera ?!?!?! It's too shocking and my mouth is a Pauraon. As expected, Nimbin. Those waiting for the parade. Midori also appeared. 。 。 Began! Smoke is mokumoku everywhere. 。 。 Change the law together! I was shouting. In Australia, marijuana is of course (illegal), but in this village Nin Bin, police are implicit understanding. There is also a scene where the police are trapped. smile Real Police who see it. smile It is a town that is usually surprised by the mysterious atmosphere, but this festival once a year is even more surprising! It is just around the Golden Week every year, so you may want to visit Australia when traveling. Here is something that looks like an official website Nimbin Mardigrass It is held on 5/6,5/7! That's it for MADOKA's Nimbin Festival report! ! ! MADOKA's trip Instagram update (Byron Bay returned for 2 weeks in April)
A photo posted by @mad00ka ON
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