New function of SHOPIFY! What is SHOPIFY EMAIL?

by Marina Fujihara

November 5, 2019 (local time), 2019ShopifyMore new functions“SHOPIFY EMAIL "Was announced!

At this time, SHOPIFY EMAIL is available only to limited sellers, but it seems to be widely deployed in the beginning of next year. Now, let's prepare for what kind of feature of SHOPIFY EMAIL.

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What is Shopify Email?

SHOPIFY EMAIL, as the name suggests, is a SHOPIFY native function that allows you to create emails. Until now, e -mail marketing has been using other apps and tools, but you can finally do it within SHOPIFY. The price setting seems to be announced in the future.

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The features of Shopify Email include the following:

  • You can easily make emails on your site
  • You can send an e -mail magazine using the site domain name
  • Easy targeting
  • You can analyze e -mail marketing in SHOPIFY

Let's take a quick look one by one.

You can easily make emails on your site

SHOPIFY EMAIL not only has a template, but also automatically reflects the background color of the site logo, product, and store. This is a very useful point because it is a SHOPIFY native function.

The editing of the template can be very easy to do.

You can send an e -mail magazine using the site domain name

You can send an email using the site domain name. This prevents the sent email from entering the customer spambox. If you send an email to the receiving box, at least the brand name will be visible to the customer.

You can analyze e -mail marketing in SHOPIFY

You can analyze e -mail marketing performance. You can see it on the SHOPIFY management screen.

You will be able to perform smooth analysis while comparing with products, customers, sales information, etc.

SHOPIFY EMAIL has just announced, but it is expected to be a very useful tool from the start of next year.

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