Market -scale protein SHOPIFY X Subsque (regular purchase) X protein case 5 selections

by Toyo Hirashima

Introducing Shopify X Protein X Subsque examples.

The number of businesses that combine protein and SHOPIFY and protein subscriptions, which are growing year by year, are increasing.

How good the protein market is

The protein market is performing well. According to the research company Fuji Keizai, the domestic market of protein supplements, including protein powder, beverages, and sweets, seems to have exceeded 220 billion yen in 2021, compared to 55.8 billion yen in 10 years ago. It is said that it has about four times. In addition, it is expected to be 321.8 billion yen in 2026.

reference:Diamond Online

"Muscle demand" increased and sales were 18 times in 4 years.

Protein has been expanding the market in the last 10 years, for those who are doing hardcore training to general nutritional foods.

In the meantime, I will introduce EC site using SHOPIFY X Subsque X Protein.

A long -established shop that sells not only supplements but also training equipment

Our sub -school appGO SUB We have introduced.

Case articleInterview with Think Fitness -About SHOPIFY Site & Go Sub

 2. Gold gym

Gold gym very recognized for those who train hardcore

This is also our companyGO SUB Is an introduction example.

Production caseYou can check here.


3. Huel

Huel of general nutritional food protein on the go

Huel Limited. Is a manufacturing and sales company of full nutritional food headquartered in the UK established in 2015, saying, "Nutritional, convenient, and affordable," minimizing the impact on animals and the environment. Making food as a mission, and we are particular about the manufacturing of environmentally friendly foods.

I'm glad that I can easily get it in Japan. The viscosity is quite high as a protein drink, and the feeling of fullness when drinking is considered to be much higher than that of a common protein drink.

4.   Lyft

It sells Lyft protein with a gym in Omotesando Hills, but it does not seem to provide a subscription function.

CEO is an active player Edward Kato

5. My Fit

As the name suggests, it seems to be a model that you can create and receive your own custom protein with analysis and receive it in a sub -ski.

How was it? Protein x Subsqu X SHOPIFY is likely to be increasingly increasing in the future, but please consider the GO SUB, which is the cheapest in the industry, is 0.5% for apps.



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