MARINE & WALK Shopping Mall that combines the sea and greenery

Created with the concept of a city that combines green and the sea along the seaMarine and walk Img_0706 Img_0708 Img_0705 As the concept of the concept, the mall is painted with the sea motif, which matches the atmosphere along the port of the port, making it very open. There are many surf -taste shops, and here are two specially impressive Swell and Surf Village.

Swell on the 1st floor

East Coast Surf Style's coffee shop wave logo is impressive. It looks like a BROOKLYN style recently. Img_0700 Img_0701 Img_0704 I asked for a chocolate croissant, but the size was very satisfying and it was very delicious. It is the best day on the terrace seats and the weather is nice. You can enjoy delicious coffee and bread while watching the sea.

Surf concept lifestyle shop SURF VILLAGE on the 2nd floor

It is operated by Fred Segal, but FRED SEGAL was founded in Los Angeles in 1961. "The Best of Southern California Laid-Back Luxury" is developed as a brand culture as a select shop. Img_0687 Surf Village The wave information of Shonan is flowing on the scalp screen monitor. Like an American holistar. Img_0690 2 View from Blue Moon was flowing. Relaxation space Img_0689 There are very nice works that have a price of 200,000 yen or more. Img_0692 Surfboards (Firewire, Yu, Al Merrick, etc.), wet, etc. are lined up, and as shown in the photo, the sea can be seen immediately from the hammock, so graffiti -like paint is also made on the mall wall and you can feel the sea and surf. It's nice to be a building that can be done. There is also a table and juice vending machine, so you can easily drop in. There are also lifestyle products such as tableware, so you can enjoy it with your family. Regarding the occupancy tenants, there were many other things that could feel the sea, and the image was that the Harajuku terrace containing WTW was enhanced and the surf taste was strengthened. I went on the first weekend of the opening, but except for the restaurant, it was not so crowded, so it would be fine to go soon. I want to relax on the terrace seat on a nice day. There is a parking lot in the basement, but if you go for the first time, you can understand it because it is a little hard to understand, so you can enter the basement from the middle of the building. Of course there is a parking ticket service. Img_0711 When you come from Tokyo or ShonanGo RideI would like to come with a wai phase and use it at a great price. MADOKA BUS3 You may be worried about this article Minato Mirai parking lot 6 HACK techniques 6 selections Yokohama Minato Mirai New fashionable pot Marine and walk Yokohama Open on March 4, 2016

One -stop offered from EC construction to advertising operation.