Make a difference with owned media! EC site awareness expansion strategy (Bloggle)


The big barrier to sell your own products on the EC site isExpand the recognition of the sitePhase. Of course, if you have enough budget, you can get recognition by giving out ads,Many companies will budgeting on continuous advertising.

I want people of such companies to know this time,Owned media strategy that can acquire awareness at low costI will explain about.

Those who are thinking about selling products on the EC site in the future, and those who want to expand the awareness of the current EC site at low cost.

Please refer to this article!

What is owned media?

Owned mediaIt refers to websites and SNS accounts where our company and shops can freely send information, and for SNS accounts.Earned MediaSometimes called.In this article,Owned media that sends out columns and blog posts on the siteI will focus on the commentary on.

With owned media, you can inform many people about what we want to convey about products and services.

The following four benefits are raised as the benefits of owned media.

1. You can send the information you want to convey
Owned media allows you to freely send information about the products and services you want to convey. For example, you can post information on new products and sales on the website, or to introduce the store's commitment and customers' voices on your blog.

2. Enhance the brand image
By disseminating your own content in owned media, you can enhance the image of the brand. For example, by introducing the commitment of shops and the manufacturing process of products, you can appeal to reliability and charm.

3. Effective for SEO measures
By creating your own content and updating your own content in owned media, you can get information on search engines and get information to more people.

4. Reducing costs
Owned media can send information on their own, so you can reduce costs such as advertising expenses. You can also get more returns by making effective strategies.

From here, we will look at examples of EC sites that have succeeded in raising awareness by actually transmitting owned media content.

EC site that has gained recognition in owned media [Success examples]

1. Bonerund

BonellundIs a comprehensive company that works on play, and is also involved in selling toys for children and establishing a playground. Owned media also sends information not only for parents but also for education and childcare -related people, and owned media.The role of expanding customer targetsIs responsible for.

2. Mr. CheesE Cake

Mr. Cheese CakeIs a company that sells its own sweets online, and owned media sends a column about sweets, focusing on our sweets. In the column, we explain the manufacturing methods and materials of our own sweets, not only the role of increasing the inflow to EC sites, but also.It also plays a role in motivating purchasing.


Finally, the company to introduce will sell furniture with both prices and designs.NOCEis. The company's site distributes columns related to furniture and can see various interior coordination. As a result, people who are thinking about interior coordination flow into their own site.It plays a role in increasing customers.

Recommended blog app for e -commerce sites built in SHOPIFY (Bloggle)

Growing owned media in this way has multiple benefits in running EC sites.

This timeBuild an EC site in SHOPIFY,orThose who are thinking about building firstRecommended blog apps that can be used in SHOPIFYBloggleI'd like to introduce_______

Bloggle is an app that uses Go Ride, and this article is also writing using Bloggle!

The method of introducing the Bloggle app is easy, and you can find it by searching for Bloggle on the SHOPIFY App Store.

While there are 117 reviews, the evaluation is4.9You can see that it is an app that is very easy to use!

The monthly usage fee is $ 24.90, which has a 10 -day free trial.

The big charm of Bloggle is a UI that can be understood intuitively,I was able to use it without any problems from the first day I started using it.

By inserting the code, you can display tweets and display YouTube videos, and have the functions you want to write blogs and columns.

However, if you do other work without saving while writing, you may automatically get a timeout from SHOPIFY, and the text you have written so far may disappear. (While actually writing this article, the text disappeared twice.) Don't forget to save frequently when using!

However, it is a very recommended app that is very easy to use even if you subtract it, so if you already have an EC site in SHOPIFY, please consider using Bloggle!


Thank you for seeing here!

I would be glad if this article could understand the role of owned media and start an owned media!

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