LTV maximization secret: 7 strategies that grow business by improving customer satisfaction


If you use the internet, you will see advertising from various companies and services from various companies on a daily basis. But isn't there a lot of purchasing something from online advertisements?

On the other hand, II want to keep a long -term relationshipCompanies and services that I think continue to buy products and services even if there are no ads.

Then how do you like this?Companies that customers buy products and services repeatedly even if they are not advertisingCan you become? In other words, what kind of ingenuityLTV (Life Time Value)Can you maximize?

This time,Very important for business growthHow to maximize LTVI will explain about.

What is LTV?

What is LTV?

"How much money can be earned during a period when a shop or company continues to have a relationship with the store from one customer."Is a word that expresses.Maximizing LTV isMaintaining a long -term relationship with customersBecause it meansMaximizing LTV is a very important concept for business growth.

for exampleLTV is a high exampleLet's consider a case of a supermarket.

This supermarket publishes new sales and coupons every week, and many people are attracted to the sale and visit the store. In addition, the supermarket offers a point card and provides a system that gives points that can be used by customers to use discounts.

As a resultCustomers have become a habit of shopping at the supermarket and have a long -term relationship.In such a case, the supermarket LTV will be very high and you can maintain a stable business.

This time, let's consider a case of an apparel brand as an example where LTV is low.

This brand has attracted attention with stylish designs and colorful colors, but the quality of the product is low, and the color may be quickly damaged or faded.

for that reason,Customers buy a lot of products, but they do not continue to buy the brand.In such a case, the LTV of the apparel brand will be lower, and it will be a business that lacks stability and continuity.

in this wayIf the LTV is high, the relationship with the customer will be maintained for a long time, which will lead to business growth, but if the LTV is low, the relationship with the customer will be short -term and the business growth is growing. It hinders.

What affects LTV

In this way, LTV is a very important figure in growing business, and by satisfying the elements to be explained from now on.LTV can be enlarged.

1. Improvement of customer satisfaction

2.Proposal of excellent products and services

3.Strengthening communication with customers

4.Personalized marketing strategy

5.Excellent customer support

6.Introduction of programs that encourage repeat purchases

7.Providing excellent UI / UX

Now, I will explain these elements in detail.

1.Improvement of customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction isIndicators to measure how much customer is satisfied with your businessis. By improving customer satisfaction, customers can easily use it and maximize LTV. Most of the elements to be explained leading to improving customer satisfaction are mostly indicators in considering LTV!

2.Providing excellent products and services: Providing high -quality products and services gaining customer trust and increasing customer satisfaction,As a result, you can expect new customers by repeating repeat purchases and word -of -mouth.Develop products and services that meet the needs of customers, and pay attention to prices and quality control.

3.Strengthening communication with customers: By strengthening communication with customers, you can understand customer requests and dissatisfaction and find business improvements.SNS and email marketingUse to build a relationship with customers and regularly find questionnaires and feedback.

4.Personalized marketing strategy: By developing a marketing strategy that meets the needs of each customerYou can draw customer interest and increase your willingness to buy.Use data analysis to understand the purchase history and interests of customers, execute targeting ads and individual promotionswill do.

5.Excellent customer support: By providing prompt and polite support when customers have issues or doubts about products and servicesGain customer trustYou can connect to repeat purchases. Polite support improves the impression of a company as seen by customers, which eventually improves LTV.connect.

6.Introduction of programs that encourage repeat purchases: Programs that promote repeat purchases (for example,Point programs and membership benefitsBy introducing), customersYou can get incentives that use your business continuously.It is important to design an appropriate program so that customers want to use continuously.

7.Provision of excellent UI / UX: UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) directly affect the ease of use and satisfaction when using products and services.Customers can use your business comfortably without hesitationAs you can optimize the UI / UX. It is required to improve websites and app designs, navigation, responsive design, etc.

Incorporate these elements and implement a strategy to maximize LTV. Increasing customer satisfaction can not only improve LTV but also to acquire new customers through repeat purchases and word -of -mouth, which will lead to business growth. in the end,Trial and error to provide valuable products and services for customers and build long -term relationships with customersIs very important for business!

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In this article, we explained the improvement of LTV, which is indispensable for business growth.

Perhaps the measures to increase customer satisfaction resulted in the acquisition of new customers, and the flow of realizing business growth was seen.

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