[Location information sharing] What is the location information app that changes to Zenly?


"Zenly" is an application that allows users to share location information.

This is an app that allows you to share your current location in GPS, acquired by SNAP in the United States after the development of Zenly in France.

In Japan, it has been used not only when meeting and inviting close friends, but also for the purpose of parents to know where children go out.

February 3, 2023OnEnd the serviceAfter that, various location information sharing apps that changed to Zenly appeared. So, this time, I will introduce the location information app that changes to Zenly!

Location App
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What is the GPS location information sharing app in the first place?

The location information sharing app is an application that allows you to share the current location, collect information on specific places, and check the location information of other users.

It is used for a variety of purposes, such as interacting with family and friends, gathering local information, drafting travel plans, and rescue during distress. When planning a meal or event, you can share your current location with your friends to make it easier to decide where to join, or you can know the means of transportation in sightseeing spots and nearby recommended spots.

On the other hand, the location information sharing app also has a privacy problem.

There is also a risk that personal information will be leaked by disclosing your location information. When using it, it is important to pay attention to privacy and make a security setting properly.

Location information app that changes to Zenly

Here are seven or seven position information apps that change to Zenly.


WHOOIs a location information sharing app developed by LINQ Co., Ltd.

With the location information app developed with the aim of "Next Zenly", you can not only share your location information with friends in real time, but also check your friend's charging and online status. Users can also talk with the chat function.

It is also characterized by a very simple UI and easy to use. Functions are being added more and more, and future development schedules are also released in the WHOO-Next Zenly app.

App StoreHere

Google Play StoreHere


SnapchatIs an app operated by the same SNAP as Zenly.

Snapchat also has a map function "Snap Map" that allows you to share location information. Snapmap has a function such as a place where you can share location information with your friends in real time, search for places where you can search for shops, and ghost mode that can private information private.

In addition, you can display your own avatar on the map on your current location, and for those who want to use it with originality, it is a convenient position information application.

App StoreHere

Google Play StoreHere


Life360Is a location information app that allows you to share GPS location information in the created circle.

When a child arrives at any place such as a registered home in advance, it is an application that can automatically receive notifications, and can be used for family watching.

It is also characterized by being able to set the notification location for arrival and departure unlimited. * Free use is up to two places for each group.

App StoreHere

Google Play StoreHere


NaunauuIs a location information app created by college students aiming for a Zenly alternative app.

You can share not only a function that allows you to share location information on the map, but also the number of steps and the remaining smartphone. In addition, past mobile history display and chat function are also available. It is also equipped with similar functions that were mounted on Zenly, such as "Ghost mode" and "freezing mode".

App StoreHere

Google Play StoreHere


HOMEY is a location information sharing app provided by Up Sea Co., Ltd.

HOMEY has a function not only share the location information of real -time with friends, but also to check posting functions, past posts, and location information.The posting function can also post comments and stamps as a set with the current location, and it is a position information application used by a wide range of generations because you can easily publish "where and what you are doing".

By the way, it is also famous for the provision of an anonymous question app "BoxFRESH".

App StoreHere

The Google Play Store has not been released as of March 2023.

Google Map

GoogleMap allows you to send location information real -time sharing and maps (URLs) of places you want to inform.

Searching for parking lots and sightseeing spots, such as cafes and restaurants, is also comfortable. It is an application that allows you to check the route to the place you want to go and check the behavior history to check the word of mouth and evaluation.

App StoreHere

Google Play StoreHere

I sharing

I sharingIs a position sharing app provided by ISHARING SOFT.

Not only can you share location information in real time with a pre -registered friend, but also support convenient location notifications, approach alarms, chat functions, etc. in sharing location information. As a location information sharing app, it is a multifunctional and high -performance app.

However, since only one person can register as a friend in the free version, if there are more than one friend who wants to share location information in real time, it is essential to register a paid version (880 yen per month). In addition, when sending only location information, it can be sent to non -I -sharing users.

App StoreHere

Google Play StoreHere

Location Sharing


This time, we introduced some of the location information apps that change to Zenly.

Even after Zenly, which has many users, ends, alternative location information apps such as Who, Snapchat, and Life360 have been distributed. The location information app can be used not only in children, but also in many situations such as shopping and travel.

How about installing a location information app that meets your needs, referring to this article?

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