[LIFE STYLE] 5 -hour labor San Diego introduced SUP manufacturer

source:Business Insider California, San Diego SUP (Stand -up Paddle) manufacturerTower Paddle Boards5 hours/day work has been introduced. It seems that the profits per employee were doubled compared to last year, so it was introduced in consideration of a salary increase or time -saving labor. There are currently nine employees, and the business is extremely strong. It seems that the basic working hours (core time) are from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. However, working hours seem to be different depending on the role and busy season. For example, the person in charge of video production likes work, so he sometimes work in the office, and customer support people can always go up at 9:00 to 13:00 on time. Furthermore, it seems that paid leave is indefinite. "Leaving the vacation is good, but not using the privilege meaninglessly" behind the introduction of this system seems to have an employee to have a healthy lifestyle as a company. It seems that no one is doing other jobs in their spare time so far. The best challenge is to work more smartly, as employees are required to be more productive so that they can work properly for 5 hours. The founder appeared on the American version of the Tiger Shark Tank and started this business with $ 150,000 about 18 million yen. When his job is over, he goes to surf outside at 1:00 pm. TOWER-TUESDAYS-OPening-day-track

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