Let's go to see the Yokohama vertical canoe festival and autumn leaves! 2015

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"In the downstream area centered on the Ooka River, a canoe event to review the charm of the river has been held since 1982 and this is the 34th this year. 2015 will be held on Sunday, October 18. . The start is 10:30 from the side of the Nippon Maru Memorial Park near Sakuragicho Station. There are 14 km and 7 km course. "
"The 34th Yokohama Palace Canoe Festival is scheduled for Sunday, October 18, 2015."
Minato Mirai's unique event, where water and town are integrated, the power when the canoe starts all at once is wonderful.
And you can see the autumn leaves just at this time. Minato Mirai and Ooka River are hidden spots of autumn leaves. It is not very crowded unlike other major spots. You can watch the autumn leaves comfortably.
OOKA 2 OOKA3 Ooka River is also known as Sakura's appreciation point. SAKURA OOKA RIVER There is a hidden autumn leaves spot around Minato Mirai. That is, as the name suggests, it is Momihazaka. Is the location about 300 meters from the landmark tower? From here, you can look around Minato Mirai, and you can also appreciate the autumn leaves. 1024PX-YOKOHAMA_MOMIJIZAKA Autumnal slope Of course, so beautiful even from the train road Train road Train road 3 Autumn leaves related articles [Weekend Drive] Autumn leaves drive of the postcard "Nikko Irohasaka" Hakone's autumn leaves drive time and recommended spot! Karuizawa Autumn Leaves Drive View Spots and Unbody Pond 4K Video Autumn leaves spot Sagami Lake that can be reached in just one hour from Tokyo The autumn leaves of Kiyomizu -dera are amazing! Light-up is also the official Instagram of Kiyomizu-dera Temple on November 14 (Sat) -12/6 (Sun)! At the best view of the autumn leaves of Kokia in Hitachi Seaside Park, if you rode on Go Ride, you can save gasoline! Let's go to see the Yokohama vertical canoe festival and autumn leaves! 10/18 (Sun) Perfect for the secrets of the city center, yellow leaves spot drive!

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