Karuizawa Autumn leaves Drive time & spot & drive course!

It seems that the image of the summer summer resort Karuizawa is strong, but in autumn, Karuizawa shows a completely different face. There are many such nice things.

Fine autumn leaves

Basically, the best time to see the autumn leaves of Karuizawa isMid -October -Mid -NovemberIt is. It is sure to contact us for detailed information. Karuizawa Tourist Information Center (inside Karuizawa Station) address:Karuizawa, Kitasaku -gun, Nagano phone:0267-42-2491 Well, first of all, this spot

Autumn leaves of Unaba Pond

It is the most famous autumn leaves appreciation spot in Karuizawa. However, there are many people who are a little too much for a tourist destination. When I went the other day, the autumn leaves had just begun, but I still enjoyed the beautiful dyeing and the reflection of the pond.

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Click here for the location And this is the video taken with 4K video at the peak of autumn leaves. The beauty of taking a breath unintentionally.

Shiraito Falls

F522BBF7088095E683BF7DD1CCE65F73_S Personally, I think this place was most beautiful in the autumn leaves of Karuizawa. The fluttering leaves at the top of the waterfall were breathtaking. For the location, here is a good drive course because it appears when you fly the romantic highway by car. However, it is a pass, so be careful about speed. Run through the dyed autumn leaves while bathing on the sunbeams with an open car. It feels really good on a sunny day. I just want to step on the accelerator.
Source: http: //d.hatena.ne.jp/walden/20151026/p1 Source: http: //d.hatena.ne.jp/walden/20151026/p1
Source: http: //f.hatena.ne.jp/walden/2015102624630 Source: http: //f.hatena.ne.jp/walden/2015102624630
Click here for the location.

Recommended soba

Karuizawa Kawakami An If you are tired of driving, how about lunch at this soba shop? It is a standard in the classic, but after all shops that cannot be removed img_2097 If it is too crowded, evacuate to the next Japanese restaurant vinegar Shigen Masayuki. img_2081


It was the highlight of the autumn leaves of Karuizawa that I saw so far, but after all cars are convenient for access! Because it is inconvenient to move without a car from Karuizawa! From the Tokyo metropolitan area, it looks like the following. Private car: Kanetsu Expressway / Tokyo → Fujioka JCT → Joetsu Expressway / Usui IC → Karuizawa IC Highway bus (reservation required): direct flight from Yokohama / Haneda Airport Shinkansen: Tokyo => Karuizawa JR Shinkansen / Nagano Transfer I'd love toGo RidePlease enjoy the fun of Karuizawa autumn leaves driving! MADOKA BUS3 Articles about autumn leaves Hakone's autumn leaves drive time and recommended spot! [Weekend Drive] Autumn leaves drive of the postcard "Nikko Irohasaka" The autumn leaves of Kiyomizu -dera are amazing! Light-up is also the official Instagram of Kiyomizu-dera Temple on November 14 (Sat) -12/6 (Sun)! Autumn leaves spot Sagami Lake that can be reached in just one hour from Tokyo Kokia's autumn leaves at Hitachi Seaside Park are at their best Let's go to see the Yokohama vertical canoe festival and autumn leaves! 10/18 (Sun) Perfect for the secrets of the city center, yellow leaves spot drive!

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