[Kanagawa/Hakone] Yusuke Asai, the Mori Museum of Sculpture -Picture Seed Soil Trip-

Autumn of appetite, autumn of reading, autumn leaves autumn ... In Japan, there are many "autumn", which is said to be "autumn of ◯◯". In this season when you can enjoy leisure and outdoors, why not enjoy the Autumn of Art in the great nature? Currently, Yusuke Asai's solo exhibition is being held at the Hakone Sculpture Mori Museum! Asai is an artist drawn using familiar materials such as soil, dust, and white lines on roads. The method is to feel the air and memories of the production site with the body, as if you are talking about the dialogue, dissolve the soil collected in the land and draw while lying out the living things. And put a masking tape on the wall like a vine of a plant, and on top of it, the series that is intertwined with a marker pen is intertwined, etc. We are producing a number of works that dynamically express the world where countless small lives live. 83b01F1A4CDE596D17D229F7BA9966F0(Exhibition:Girls Artalk) The new work exhibited in this exhibition uses the soil collected by the writer so far collected in various places, as well as the soil collected at the Hakone Sculpture Mori Museum and Hakone famous spots. This is an opportunity to experience the worldview that can be said to be a mythology from the small stories spinning everywhere, from the installation that imagined the roots of a huge tree and the mud paintings with large panels! During the exhibition, Mr. AsaiParticipated"Visual for generations-Inspired by"exhibitionIs a kick,Held every fallHe seems to be participating in workshops and art events centered on Chiba and Kashiwa. When visiting the Chiba area, please check it together. Let's enjoy "Autumn of Art" which is perfect for sensitivity polishing this fall! [Exhibition information] Yusuke Asai -Picture Seed Soil Journey- [Assembly period] September 19, 2015 (Saturday) ~ February 28, 2016 (Sun) [Venue] Sculpture Forest Museum Main Building Gallery (1121 Ninohira, Hakone-cho, Hakone-cho, Ashigara-gun, Kanagawa 250-0493) [Opening hours] 9:00 to 17:00 (admission is until 30 minutes before the museum closes) [Closed days] None (open all year round) [Admission fee] 1,600 yen for adults/large/high school students 1,200 yen/middle/elementary school student 800 yen [Transportation] Get off at the Hakone Tozan Railway "Sculpture no Mori" station, 2 minutes walk [HP]http://www.hakone-oam.or.jp [Related event] Wednesday, October 7, 2015  1)14:00 – 15:00  2)15:00 – 16:00  3)16:00 – 17:00 Kashiwa Takashimaya Main Building 3rd floor Entrance Stage more The white line works will be produced and displayed! Kashiwa's roots October 12, 2015 -Kashiwa and Chiba more [Writer profile] Yusuke Asai Yusuke Asai exhibit_33_0 © Kenji Mimura Born in Tokyo in 1981 Graduated from Kanagawa Prefectural Kamiyabe High School Art Ceramics Course in 1999 Writer homepage:http://d.hatena.ne.jp/asaiyusuke/20110926 Sento / Shin Ashiko (makiko shin) If you get on and go out Go Ride MADOKA BUS3

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