I've seen Tesla Model X! Actually, bigger body than Rankle

The other day, when I went to California, I actually saw model X at the Tesra dealer of STANFORD SHOPPING CENTER. It seems that this car, which has an autonomous driving function, was also unveiled in a showroom in Aoyama in Japan the other day, can you go to surf with autonomous driving with surfboards? Let's take a look! First, open and close the Falcon Wing that does not require explanation automatically so that it does not hit while detecting obstacles. Very smart! This seems to be active in narrow parking in Tokyo.

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However, it spreads aside as it is, so I am interested in getting on and off with a narrow coin parking. Official siteAccording to it, it can be opened and closed without a gap of only 30 cm. great! img_1616 When I saw the car that was actually running, there was no big image, but the chassis was on display. Looking at this, it's pretty big! ! If you check the official website againFull width 2070 mm! ! ! A big body that surpasses even Porsche Cayen (190 cm) and Rankle 200 (197 cm)! ! Isn't the multi -story parking lot and coin parking in Tokyo quite hopeless? Oh, can't I use a multi -story parking lot because it's an electric car in the first place? When it comes to flat parking in Tokyo, the maintenance cost is likely to increase .... img_1627 When a large touch screen is impressive, the size stands out. img_1618 You can freely change the seat position on the touch screen. img_1621 You can also check the opening and closing status of the door. futuristic! img_1623 The storage space is quite large. Although I do not take a picture, if it is a gasoline car, the front part with the engine is also a trunk, so the storage can be called a super big space. img_1626 It seems that image tools from the official website will be loaded separately .... It is sold so that such a kit can be loaded outer ... However, this could not be confirmed locally, so it is a mystery whether a surfboard can be loaded ........ The snowboard doesn't seem to be a problem. Because it is a Folkon wing type door, you cannot attach surf rack. Section-allwheel Model-X-Cargo The most interesting thing is that the rear seats in the second row do not seem to fall completely as shown in this photo, it seems like moving forward ... The conclusion is that it is possible to bring the second row of the seats as much as possible and go surfing with two short boards. However, it seems that mid -length should be diagonally. Is it the impression that long is not allowed? You can manage to stay in the car alone. There was a person who tried it. It seems that the middle seat in the middle of the second row can be removed. However, it seems that it is not suitable for loading a long thing in the middle because the seats are not completely flat after the second row. Because the body size is large, the rear seats in the second row will only fall down flat seats, so it will be easy to stack and stay in the car, so I would be glad if you could improve this area.

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