It's summer! It's a festival! Surfing! After all, if you wear it, it is a short bread (Raku bread shorts)!

It's late summer, but that doesn't matter! I spend almost every day in summer, but long -distance driving, festivals, camping, surfing and summer outings are just shorts (Rakupan)! Especially surfers are often worn even in spring and autumn! Especially recently, the amphibious shorts made of swimsuit materials, made of quick -drying materials, are very popular. Let's become Rakupanman! I've been wearing it for recent years, so I'll compare some of them! In order from the right (hybrid shorts can also be used as an amphibious shorts swimsuit)
  • HURLEY stretch material jeans type shorts
  • HURLEY hybrid shorts khaki
  • HURLEY hybrid shorts blue
  • DEUS MACHINA hybrid shorts

HURLEY stretch material jeans type shorts

Shorts3 Harley one -point logo or cute stretch jeans material shorts It is a short bread that is solid and can be combined in various ways. It is comfortable and easy to drive long distance! It is cool to roll up, and in terms of fashion, it is the highest among them. Perfect for long -distance driving, but it does not put it in the sea, and quick -drying is inevitable for hybrid shorts. Recommended Usage scene Wearing, long -distance drive

HURLEY hybrid shorts khaki

HURLEY hybrid shorts blue

Shorts5 Shorts4 I defeated the same type at the time of surf lip around the world. Anyway, light, fast -drying, the strongest, put in the sea as it is, OK in the city! And the functionality is the best. There is a pocket behind, so it is a super -useful item that can be used as a short bread and sea bread as it is easily and easily! In addition, it can be said to be the strongest traveler/surfer item because it is super light and bulky as luggage. Especially for khaki, if you wear a shirt with a collar on the top, you will get a formal feeling. Recommended usage scene It corresponds to almost all, but especially the water side gets wet

DEUS MACHINA hybrid shorts

Shorts6 This so -called Hybrid shorts pocket is also made firmly and is an easy -to -use item. If you wear it in the summer, this is as good as HURLEY, but it may be better to use Hurley in spring and autumn because it is as long as it is on the knee. Recommended usage scene surfing, summer festival In addition, there is a trick behind UNIQLO's heat tech and reducing the luggage on the backpack trip, but I think that HURLEY will be better for the purpose I saw. But I like HURLEY shorts because it's easy to use.

Harley shorts on sweatshirts in the extra edition

It's super fun. Shorts7 Shorts8 The color of the back one point is fashionable and good. Recommended use scene Long distance drive

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