Introducing the tendency of black Friday, one year of the United States [2023]

by Chie Suzuki

It is famous that the fourth Thursday of November is an American holiday, "Sunks Giving Day". And the next day of the Thanksgiving Day, the day of the big sale once a year,"Black Friday"is.


On this day, many shops usually make special discounts and sale, which triggers consumers to start shopping during the Christmas season.


Black Friday is known for its large -scale sales and discounts, and many people rush to shopping malls and shops early in the morning. With Corona, many companies online have been online black Friday sale. According to one theory, it is said that this name was named because the shoppers turned into a surplus (plus revenue) to purchase a large number of products at stores and online.


Among them, this year, it was called Black Friday Weekend, and many shops have been on sale a few days before the day of Black Friday.


Introducing the Black Friday Sale advertisement that the author living in the United States has seen on SNS!


Implemented 30 % OFF in the store. In addition, we are preparing sales items with up to 70 % OFF.

ALO YOGA is an active wear and yoga wear brand, and is known for its high quality design and functionality. A stylish apparel brand that matches active lifestyles such as yoga and fitness. ALO YOGA products are also characterized by beautiful designs and modern styles while pursuing comfort and ease of movement. A wide range of items, including yoga mats and accessories, are supported by yoga enthusiasts around the world and those who pursue active lifestyles.

ALO-Black Friday -ADS


Conduct 50 % OFF in the store.
Kiehl's is a skin care and hair care brand founded in New York, USA in 1851. The brand uses natural ingredients, and products are incorporated scientific research and innovation. Kiehl's is known for its simple, classic package and lean design, and the product line contains moisturizing cream, cleansing, sunscreen, and skin care products for men.

Kiehls-Black Friday -ADS


Conduct 50 % OFF in the store.

That Lancom also sold half the price inside the site. Lancom has been known as a pioneering role in the beauty industry in a French luxury cosmetics brand. It is also famous for its world -famous models and actresses in the advertising campaign. The aesthetics and elegance are a symbol of the brand. Lancom focuses on providing luxury beauty experiences to those who pursue beauty.

Lancome-Black Friday -ADS

On the day of Black Friday, the mall opens from 6:00 in the morning, and when I go to the store, it is still crowded with people, but online sale has not lost.

The fact that the shop's sales itself calm down at the beginning of November is that you are preparing for this day.

Furthermore, we will sell even after Friday of Black FridayCyber ​​MondayThere were many shops to continue.

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