Interview with Think Fitness -About SHOPIFY site and regular purchase app GO SUB ~


This time, SHOPIFY construction to Think Fitness, which operates GOLD'S GYM and fitness shops, transition from EC CUBE to SHOPIFY, regular purchase apps.GO SUBI interviewed about.

About gold gym mania

Go Ride: First, please tell us about the Gold Gym official online store | GOLD'S GYMANIA.

Think fitness: This is the official online store of the world's largest fitness club "Gold Gym".

We sell supplements such as protein, training gear, apparel, and original goods.

Go Ride: This time, we supported from the transition from EC CUBE to SHOPIFY. How is the use of the SHOPIFY store?

Think fitness: The operability is simple, and even when creating a product page, the size and color of the character can be easily changed, and a table like Excel can be created, so the hassle can be saved.
Convenience has been improved by being able to freely edit the entire site, such as posting banners, as well as the product page.

About the sub -skop function

Go Ride: Our development for regular purchases and subscription functionsGO SUBWas introduced.

How about using this app?

Think fitness: There are many customers who purchase products regularly, so I think it is convenient to be able to choose the frequency of purchasing once a month or once every two months.

I feel that it is easier to purchase products other than GOLD 'S GYM members by setting a discount on regular purchases.


Go Ride: Finally, please tell us about the future prospects of Gold's Gymania.

Think fitness: We would like to provide supplements and training goods that are useful for building body and health promotion by weight training, and we hope to provide support for fitness life more comfortably.

Go Ride: Today, we talked to Think Fitness. thank you very much!



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