I went! Yokohama Noge's strongest restaurant & 10 choices

Noge in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture is particularly crowded with this Noge area Cheap and delicious Waigaya -based shops and stylish and stylish shops are increasing rapidly! This time, I will introduce only the shops that I really recommend when I actually went, rather than increasing the number of referrals. Anyway, if you want to enjoy the atmosphere of Noge, we recommend that you go to the food Yokocho first. SCREEN-SHOT-2016-10-13-AT-18-09-31 There are multiple shops in the food Yokocho like this, but I think there are few out of the way. 1.Noge ☆ Great dream (Time) Noge's popular yakiniku restaurant Cospa is the strongest, and when I went there before, I did not spend one person per person! It is best to drink outside in spring, but in winter it will get a little cold, so let's go well and go well so that you can drink it as much as possible. If you have to drink outside, hot sake is recommended SCREEN-SHOT -2016-10-13-AT-18-11-32 2. Super hormone One of the shops in Yokocho of Noge. On weekends, there are many cases where large groups cannot be entered. Cospa is good, and the clerk is fine. SCREEN-SHOT-2016-10-13-AT-18-09-43 3. Manbo Similarly, a sushi restaurant in the food Yokocho, if you are lucky, you can sit in a parlor, but on weekends, it is a good sushi restaurant Sun with a low possibility and often stands at the counter. SCREEN-SHOT -2016-10-13-AT-18-15-22 4. Asahiya A shop that knows the history of Noge, which has a long time ago (I don't know exactly from time to time) Winter is always crowded! Mom's gentle personality and oden permeate. The inside of the store is extremely narrow, and there is an interaction with local people. Is it better to go to the first house because it closes quickly? Asahiya 5. Kinpira kitchen A good shop for the first girls' party. Bistro Tile's casual French (It's a secret that I thought it was Spanish food) Ahijo is delicious when you want to eat gutsuri, so you can use it for a date %E3%81%81%8D%E3%82%E3%81%B2%E3%82%9A%82%89 6. Stewed, motsu -yaki Hachiro Tavern Sakuragicho Store I want to eat at the late night when the stir -fried Hachiro appears on the iron plate. It is easy to find because it faces the Odori Prefectural Road 218 in Sakuragicho, but it is always crowded. It is possible to smoke in the store. %E5%85%AB%E9%83%83%E7%82%92%E3%81%81 7. Motsige Nogekoji

Motsu -nabe shop where Tecchan and Mai Mai dated at Terrace House, Cospa is good, and there are many students

It is a good shop when you want to be wai, but it may not be very popular with women because smoking is available in the store.

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It should be Noge's casual French, but somehow the waiter wears Thai and the waiter will provide a service.
Band performances are occasionally performed, and the girls' association is located along the main street in Sakuragicho.
9.Wines Kitchen Ligat(Rigatto Riverside Wooden House.) img_2232
If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of a good trattle Noge, located near Hinodemachi Station on the Ooka River, here, here is here.
It is highly recommended for casual dates. Wine is also reasonable and good!
The raw pasta was very moist and delicious. The clerk's service was good and it was a shop where you could use it comfortably.
The most recommended Italian for Noge dating!
10.Western food kimura Noge
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Needless to say, no matter what you eat, the level is very high, no matter what you eat!
I suddenly want to eat exquisite hamburgers! It is in a deep area in front of the Miyakobashi.

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