I went to the head office office of Instagram and Facebook!


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A friend who got along with a Portland guest house lives in San Francisco and we will go to San Francisco later! If you say, eh! Then come to my workplace (Instagram)! Because

I went! San Francisco!

It is a new place to remember that the number of users has exceeded 400 million worldwide and the number of Twitter users has been lost. I am always taking care of Instagram! * Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012 for about $ 1 billion (about 100 billion yen). Img_6478 Sprinkle on the train. 。 。 Gotton, Gatton. 。 。 。 Arrived at San Francisco, the capital of Hana Technology !!! \ (^o^) / and..........

Facebook & Instagram headquarters! ! ! !

Img_6498 Img_6575 Processed with vscocam with f2 preset I heard from the rumor, but the moment I arrived

Is this a company? ! Theme park? !

I was surprised! ! In the companyRestaurant, beauty salon, dentist, bicycle shop, game center, gym, basket court, tennis court, Various other things!

Of course everything is free!

It's important, so I'll say it again

Everything is free! !

Img_6516 Img_6537 Img_6515 One city rather than a company? ! ? !

And the most surprising thing was the quality of the restaurant.

Img_6510 A hamburger shop Img_6524 Img_6519 Organic salad shop I'm happy for vegetarians. Img_6544 Img_6588 Stylish ice & cake shop In addition, there are countless shops, such as Mexican, pizza shops, stylish cafes! The quality is high, there are many organic things and very delicious!

And of course everything is free! !

There were sweets and refrigerators everywhere in the office, so you can eat all -you -can -drink! Bus running inside the company Img_6564 park Img_6563 It seems that all employees have a party for all employees, and the theme of clothes is 70s. Fashionable! When I showed me a photo of the president's birthday party, the cake was cute with a huge Instagram icon cake! The working hours and lunch time are not fixed, and it seems that everyone is doing what they need to do. The best. That's why everyone works in the park hammock, talks while standing, and rides a balance ball. 。 。 Lol Everyone is working freely and happily, and a style that is unlikely to be a Japanese company! ! I want you to go to a Japanese office worker who accumulates stress from Month to Friday, explodes on Saturdays and Sundays, drinks, and sleeps on the street until morning. 。 。 That's the MADOKA Instagram & Facebook office report !!!!
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One -stop offered from EC construction to advertising operation.