Hakone autumn leaves drive time, spot & drive course!

Hakone with hot springs, museums, autumn leaves, and many outings for gastronomy There is a good access that can be reached even on a day trip from Tokyo, and it is a little difficulty to be crowded. I'd love toGo RideIt would be nice if you could share and relieve traffic congestion.

Best time

By the way, it is the best time to see Hakone autumn leaves in autumn, but in generalEarly November to mid -NovemberIt is said that. It is said that Sengokuhara is the fastest on the flat ground in Hakone's autumn leaves, and it starts in late October, and there are places in Yumoto, where you can enjoy autumn leaves until late November. If you are worried about the latest information, belowHakone NaviYou can get the latest information on the progress of autumn leaves. SCREEN-SHOT -2016-10-11-AT-14-42-58

1. Hakone Museum of Art

hakone-art-museum Speaking of the autumn leaves of Hakone, the most famous spot is here that the parking lot is free. However, congestion is inevitable, so it is better to attack in the morning. Before noon, the area is full of cars, so early action is desirable. Hakone Museum of Art official websiteSince the information is updated irregularly, it is easy to understand if you check here for the actual autumn leaves. The above photo is from September 30.

2. Sengokuhara

Source: FM yokohama source:FM YOKOHAMA
It is a spot where you can enjoy the autumn leaves while driving along National Route 138 from Miyagino Onsen to Sengokuhara, and you can enjoy autumn leaves from late October, early in October in Hakone, which starts with Lake Ashi. The drive that runs through the sunbeams of autumn leaves on a sunny autumn day is exceptional!

3. Hakone Ropeway

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Official site Price list Time: 9: 10-16: 00 (possibility of change depending on the volcanic activity in Owakudani) Parking: Free It is said that this gondola barrier -free is compatible, so you can get on a wheelchair without any problems. %E3%83%83%83%E3%82%83%E3%83%AA%E3%82%82%83%83%83%83%AA%E3%83%BC BC BC


%E7%AE%B1%B1%B1%B1%B9%E6%B9%E3%83%AD%83%E3%E3%83%83%82%E3%82%E3%82%82%E3%E3%82%A7%A7%E3 %82%A4 You can ride a ropeway from the following four stations. Togenidai Station, Ubako Station, Owakudani Station, Sounzan Station, the most famous is Owakudani Station, which is called the so -called Jigokudani Station, at 1044m. Please check the latest information after checking the latest information as it may be off limits due to the status of volcanic activity in Owakudani. The latest information on OwakudaniKanagawa Prefecture Hakone / Owakudani InformationOwakudani Garden has been opened since July 26, 2016, and the Hakone Ropeway has been resumed. However, the hiking course around Owakudani is still closed. %E5%9c 9c%B0%E7%8D%84%E8%B7 B7

Recommended drive course

Normally, if you go to Hakone on the shortest route by Google Map from Tokyo, it is Odawara Atsugi Road at Tomei Expressway => Atsugi IC. There is a route that can pass by the sea at almost the same speed. that is

Metropolitan High School Yokohama (if possible, looking at the sea on the Gulf Line) => Yokohama Shindo => Shin Shonan Bypass => 134 => Seisho Bypass

Course This is the best drive if the weather is really nice. Look at Hakone while looking at the sea on the left, drive .... In most cases, the required time will change only about 5 minutes. Depending on the congestion situation, this route may be faster. From Hakone

Run on Hakone Back Road 138, run through the autumn leaves, and go to the Hakone Museum => Lunch at Lake Ashi, a little relaxed => Lunch at the recommended soba Miyoshi

That is the recommended drive course.

Recommended soba shop

And if you come to Hakone Drive, soba for lunch There are many soba shops in Hakone, but it is also true that there are many unfortunate shops for tourists. By the way, I like the following soba in Hakone soba. Soba Miyoshi The foot of the mountain is really delicious, and the taste of pork and the flavor of wild vegetables are exceptional. Why don't you stop by while looking at the autumn leaves in the coming season? However, it is inevitable on weekends, so it is recommended to shift the time zone. SCREEN-SHOT -2016-10-24-AT-15-31-17 TEL: 0460-84-9140 Autumn leaves related articles [Weekend Drive] Autumn leaves drive of the postcard "Nikko Irohasaka" Karuizawa Autumn Leaves Drive View Spots and Unbody Pond 4K Video The autumn leaves of Kiyomizu -dera are amazing! Light-up is also the official Instagram of Kiyomizu-dera Temple on November 14 (Sat) -12/6 (Sun)! Autumn leaves spot Sagami Lake that can be reached in just one hour from Tokyo Kokia's autumn leaves at Hitachi Seaside Park are at their best Let's go to see the Yokohama vertical canoe festival and autumn leaves! 10/18 (Sun) Perfect for the secrets of the city center, yellow leaves spot drive! MADOKA BUS3

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