Full of surf information! ! What is surfing comprehensive site "WAVAL"?

Waval Logo1 Waval is a surfing comprehensive site that explains the basic rules from the competition scene such as overseas tours, the alternative scene of California and Australia, and the Wettest repair to to. A useful site where many people who are always enjoying surfing are surprisingly unknown! There are many such useful videos. After all, it is important to remove the salt of seawater properly in order to extend the life of the wet suit.

Deodoring, flexible, and life of wet suits!? Wet shampoo "Aromway"

WAVAL Useful article Surprisingly easy! How to repair the wetsuit of winter wet suits and cut scratches! [How to distinguish the current (remote bank)] What to check before entering the sea The wet suit becomes beautiful and the growth improves!? "How to remove dirt dirt" What are the WSL -operated professional serum tour "WCT" and "WQS"? In addition, the latest surf videos and video works from Japan and overseas are introduced every day, so check it out! Good for Facebook pageThen you can check the latest surfing information.

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