[FESTIVAL] Reward Jam 2015 10/30-11/1 3 days @ Okinawa camp -in is also possible!

Exhibition: Remaining Jam
Music, art, nature, local music festival that connects the world
It is the state of last year. It seems that anyone from family to young people can enjoy it. ZAMPA6 ZAMPA5 ZAMPA4 ZAMPA3 zampa ZAMPA2
It was fine. Remaining wave beach. I want to be a great summer. #Resced wave jam #OKINAWA A photo posted by T mountain (@takeyama) on

The sound system of the DJ booth of the remaining wave JAM looks and the sound is too terrible.

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#Resced wave jam #Burn A photo posted by @chojimayu.luana on
Finally this weekend? The iPhone is also the Remaining JAM specification? #LetsgetUnite! A photo posted by onigiri kimura (@onigiri_kim) on

Holding information


Friday, October 30, 2015-Sunday, November 1st

Rain or shine

Ticket information

Pre -sale 3 -day ticket 9,000 yen / 1 -day ticket 5,000 yen 3 -day ticket 12,000 yen / 1 day ticket 7,000 yen Camp ticket 3,500 yen / 1 space (all price including tax) * Entrance is free for those under 18 years old. (Be sure to be accompanied by parents)

Venue information

[Okinawa] Salt Beach (Yagocho) Held at Salt Beach, Sanemu De, located in Yagochi Island, a remote island that can be crossed from the main island of Okinawa! It is a natural beach on a remote island that can be accessed by one and a half hours from Naha Airport!

Camp -in information

Camp in is possible. It is necessary to purchase a camp ticket from 10.29 (Thu) to the day before the event to noon 11.2 (Monday) the next day. For more informationClick here for pageto

One -stop offered from EC construction to advertising operation.