[Festival] Love Saves The Dream 2015 Taranashi 10/31 (Sat) -11/3 (Tue) 4 days Camp Infes @ Mikawa Kogen Camp Village


October 31, 2015 -November 3, 2015

Mikawa Kogen Camp Village

Two Higashi -Obayashi -cho, Higashi -Obayashi -cho, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture

Gathering LOVES THEDREAM, where adults and children are suddenly played in 2013. Is the book festival entitled "unforgettable events" gathering with the feeling of falling with the feelings of everyone? There is !! What kind of adventure is waiting for the third time this year?

It is a festival that seems to reflect the hippie culture strongly. It is very good for children to adults to enjoy.

Fire Dance (^o^)/

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LOVE SAVES THE DREAM to Asagiri. It feels good for the rain. 2014/11/2 A photo posted by chuu (@chuu077) on

good morning. #LSTD It was beautiful on the third day. Today is the winter winter. 2014/11/7

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LSTD's raw UA I thought there were people who actually dominate the space A Photo posted by Asuki Break (@biri2_atsuki_a) ON

... #Lovesavesthedream#TreeHouse#Tree House#Dream Catcher #DreamCatcher

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Majestic Circus, Dachambo,

GOMALIOS (GOMA & Tatsuya Nakamura),

Saicobab, OOioo, DJ EY Yo and others


Drill (Shunsuke Matsuoka)

Official site:

www.drillno.jp/# !!LSTD2015/cxzq/

Facebook page:



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